Hi everyone hope you're all having a good day. Does anyone have an email address for the dwp pip department? I complained to ATOS and was told they have no copy of any reports they conducted and to contact the dwp!! Trouble is you go on their site and there's no info on who to contact etc! Preying on the sick and vulnerable is lower than low! I need a copy of the report the ATOS man did the other week and need obviously to complain! Whoever read the report and gave me points obviously didn't have any medical training and knew nothing about Fibro! It's all well and good saying I touched my head so can wash my hair but how do I get in the bath? Squeeze shampoo etc? Oh yes and get my arms to become bionic to rub and scrub my hair? Oh and I can't touch my head so they've fabricated that! Unbelievable!

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  • Hi

    . Appeals

    Follow these steps if you’re unhappy with your Personal Independence Payment (PIP) decision.

    1.Discuss the decision with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

    2.Make a formal request to have the decision looked at again (known as ‘mandatory reconsideration’) if you’re still unhappy.

    3.Appeal the decision if you’re unhappy with the mandatory reconsideration

    You need to do this within a month of date on your award letter .

    Its phone or write Im afraid keep copies of letters and details of phone calls .

    Take Care


  • Hi, you need to call the DWP department that is processing your application, their phone number should be on any paperwork that they have sent you.

  • Hi Littleme123

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I have pasted you a link to the GOV.UK complaints department. So I hope this is useful for you:


    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I may have the address for you later on, (I left paperwork in the car!) meanwhile the telephone numbers in case you don't want to wait are:0843 903 3237 / 0800 917 22 22. I've looked everywhere on google and can't find it....yet! (Apart from the same one as Kens!)x

  • I got 2 points lol the lady I saw said I pocked up my bag which I had forgotten and had to go back for and cos I could pick it up I was lying I just wonder how I got the bag there if I couldn't pick it up lol the person who made the decision was supposed to ring me bk I'm still waiting xxxxx

  • ATOS don't do the assessments any more. It's more likely to me Maximus or Capita.

  • Atos are doing PIP. Thats why its a mess. Waiting 3 months for reply to a mandatory reconsideration ! Also had to complain about the assessor to Atos. Typical Atos.

  • Wow thank you for all your replies! I don't like phoning as they can say anything and my brain doesn't take info in quickly enough to reply. When I phoned ATOS to ask for a home visit they were very brash and insisted I travel over an hr for my assessment but when I emailed because it was in writing they agreed straight away for my home visit. I might phone them to ask for an email address because everyone uses email nowadays 😁 If I do get an email address I will post it on here for people to use if need be 😁!! Have a lovely day everyone and really appreciate all your replies 😁

  • Hi

    You need to ring the dwp for a copy of the report, when it comes check everything they've said carefully for anything missed out/invented then make your complaint to the company in an email. Keep on escalating the complaint if you're not happy with the reply you get. Was this for ESA or pip?

  • Sorry just realised its pip. Atos are still doing the pip assessments it'll be on the report who did the assessment. Don't give up.

  • Further to my previous message, would you believe that the ONLY email address is the complaints one, advised by Ken! Even the letter only has phone numbers and address on! Hah! 😧However, the ATOS PIP details are as follows :

    Email Addresses

    PIP: PIP-customerservice@atos.net

    WCA: customer-relations@atoshealthcare.com

    Good luck!

    Kind regards

    Esined x

    Oh, just remembered our member Gothguyuk has this helpful PIP Appeal Post details, here is his link to his info for you!


  • Just to let you know atos aren't doing the wca assessments now it's maximus, haven't got the email address for them but it's on their website.

  • Iam in the middle of a PIP reconsideration. Also complained to Atos about the assessor after I received the transcript .

    You have 4 weeks from the date of your decision letter to apply for a reconsideration. Do it in writing and ask for the transcript as u cant really respond to the DWP decision without it. If u phone & ask they will just reconsider without anything from you. The people u speak 2 just pass on messages. They know little about how things work. They just read from a screen & pass it on.

    Look on Disability Uk web site. They give a tenplate letter to send first.

    Just gather as much evidence as you can , letters of support are good. Get ur eldest to write how ur illness affects him & how he helps u. He may qualify as a young carer. Contact social services & get him registered.

    Get some aids in ur home. Have an OT assessment & get help for the bath..

    Get a printout of all ur medication from GP.

    Then wait for months for a decision , coz u have 3 weeks & they can take as long as they like

    Hope this helps

  • Wow Erm I'm asking for the report as I could only manage 3 steps at the assessment and they've said I can walk! I've had ot out already and have things around the house to help 😁 After 18years with Fibro I have more bad than good days! Still I have a loving family who are understanding 😁 By the time I appeal they will have taken my car back and I'm not able to walk to my nearest bus stop for him to get the school bus so I'm left in a real state!! 😔

  • I emailed ATOS to ask for the dwp email address and they're unable to give it out! I will have to phone them and read yesterday in the news that it's 35p a min and they refuse lots of calls a day because demand is higher than staff! I think if they got REAL medical staff in to read reports they wouldn't have so many calls!! Oh well here we go phoning!! 🙏🏻

  • So 16mins on hold to be put through to a woman who sounded like a robot. She told me it can take up to 2weeks before I get the report so that's 4days before the last day I can appeal! I told her it wouldn't get here on time and she said 'no sorry I can't guarantee that!' Very helpful! I said I wanted to appeal anyway and got the same monotone answer 'I will pass that onto the back office also!' Followed by 'thank you for contacting the dwp today!'

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