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Hi everyone,just an update,,after all my hard work to gain extra care ..writing my life story...answering all questions...using DMG criteria...the DWP in all their wisdom still refuse..their reasons for this are claim letter...mental health letter..ATOS report [???]..even though i pass every criteria etc!!! it beggers belief folks!!! so i have now to go to tribunal....AGAIN!! so i have enrolled the help of ..mybenifitclaim...i must say i feel a 100% better as everything is taken off my worried shoulders..they promised that they would read all my information then give me an honest answer as to if i have a valid case..if not they start again and fill in claim form again..bit of a drag but im not giving in!!..why do we have to fight so hard??? and i have just read that the politicians are to recieve a £20,000 wage rise!!!. ..i feel very disheartened as i was sure after all the time i put in..i had covered everything!! obviously not! xxx

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Have you been turned down AGAIN in the last couple of days when you said you were going to use this service or are you just saying you are going to use this service?? Or both??

Yours confused VG x


im confused as well!! lol.i was refused so said i would appeal/tribunal..then i got in contact with mybenifitclaim ..told him where i was up to..then decided i would use his expertise..iv sent him my tribunal form,i signed it,,now its in his hands,when he recieves the "bundle" from dwp he will go through it then ring me..are you un-confused now hunny?? phew what a palaver we have to go through xxx


Oh right so this is just an update .... Lol I thought you had been turned down again in the last few days

VG :)


hi..yes sorry...i was just sounding off


It's all such a palaver - I'm sorry you have to go through all this, Pondy - hope it all turns out Ok in the end!

Moffy x


well im not giving up,iv come to far its been going on since 2010! and as the man said from mybenifitclaim he wont allow me to lose anything so i really have nothing to lose..i do require night time help so i will just have to wait and see...the dwp were and still are using a atos medical that is unaceptable..i even got an opology from atos and an email from ATOS to DWP telling them not to use it...but they have! ah well what can i say!!! xx


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