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Oh my wonderful fibromites and friends, what on earth is the matter with me?? I have never felt so damn fed up in all my life. I have been in total and constant pain with my fibro and osteoarthritis for over a week now. I can hardly walk and getting dressed and undressed is a nightmare. It's not that I feel like giving up but I'm just coming to the end of my patience with it. My painkillers aren't working very well but my GP says she can't give me anything else because of the other meds I take. I'm getting to the point where I don't want to go out, I can't be bothered cooking for myself - I live alone, a widow, I feel like staying in bed all day!! Oh, and the tears won't stop either!! I'm already on antidepressants, high dose Citalopram, and I really have no reason to feel like this; God knows there are people far worse than me!! I know if anyone can help me feel better you guys can...............

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Hi sue,

Am so sorry you feel like this I have fibro and osteoarthritis ... The weather isn't helping either ... My OH got me out of bed at 7 am when he heads off for work and I was pottering about slowly couldn't get going and realised that it was suddenly 11am and I just don't know where the time had gone... I looked round the house and I hadn't done anything .. The sun has just come out.... I find the wet and damp makes me worse.... I do have bouts of crying cos I get so bored sometimes there are loads of things I want to do but none of them are manageable at the moment... Do you have a friend who can come round , or someone you could Skype.... I too hate cooking for myself.. End up eating junk ... My life isn't very exciting in the day... I know this isn't a very positive post more an I understand where you are at...... And sympathise totally, i am lucky I had a fairly pain free weekend those days help so much.... I am sure you will get plenty of replies cos everyone on here knows how pain gets you down... If you want a laugh find the poetry blog... Ozzygirl posts some very funny poems there. I would tell you how to get the thread up. ..... But I can.t remember....

Gentle hugs VGx


Hello Sue

I know it is really hard to find something to help when everything is sore at once, and there seems no end to this torture.

my best advice for you (it works for me) is to try and do something that makes you smile/laugh/happy it can be anything, have a hot bath, do your nails, listen to music or watch some funny movie/programme, read that book you keep going to read etc

another thing I found that helps is to have a reason to get up each morning.

so I have at least 1 thing to do that day, it can be anything as long as there is something, sometimes it will be something you have to do like put bins out or (for me) feed the cats, but sometimes you have to spend time on you so do things that make you happy.

today I am having a pyjama day because thats what i need, but yesterday I went to visit my mum (I have been a bit of a hermit lately)

another thing I found is that stop focusing on what you can't do (I have found it just adds to the dark mood) and start making a list of things you did do that day. the list may only have a few things on to begin with, put everything down (e.g. got up, had bath, got dressed, got into pjs, cooked a hot meal, read a while, listened to music, rang a friend for a good catch up, invite a friend over for a bru,

and soon you will see you are making progress. but don't go over the top remember to Pace yourself.

hope something here helps and I hope you feeling happier soon xxx


I would have thought that you have case for arrears to be paid and it would be worth getting legal advise also possibly claiming for the stress that they have caused which would have added to your current state of health...I think this is just a mockery to do this too you.

All the best x


PS have you thought about finding if there is a local Widow's Club....could be a great source of support to you x


I am so very sorry... I will just send love and hugs for now as just have to get ready for a hospital appointment so will be back later... HUGS.. be gentle with you, let the emotions out .. honour your feelings.. we all go through this at different stages and to a lesser and greater degree.. there is no saying what day is going to be better ( or worse for that matter) ... try and relax if you can speak later.. xxx


Hi there

Just a thought, my daughter has been on citalopram for quite a few years. i noticed over the last few months she was always feeling poorly, tearful, fed up and just didn't want to do anything. I suggested she went and had a word with the doctor about the citalopram. She did and the doc has chaned her onto something else. OMG within a week she was a different person, happy, laughing and full of energy. Might be worth mentioning it to your doctors. Sometimes I think our bodies get used to a drug and it is no longer effective.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


Well I'm going to come at this from a totally different direction (nothing like a bit of lateral thinking on a Wednesday afternoon lol).

My advice would be to get yourself a rescue dog. You will have company and a reason to get up (to let the dog out), something to do in the days (walkies) and loads of love and cuddles coming your way, stroking a dog has been proven to reduce stress levels and even ease pain.

You might be better with an older dog as they are housetrained and perhaps not so demanding for very long walkies.

Blue Cross, Dogs Trust, RSPCA and local dog rescues all have dogs just longing for a loving forever-home.

Julie xx


Interesting thought Julie but dogs do take up a lot of time, walks, vets bills etc. I love my dog to bits, he is my best friend, confidant, and a very good listener, but I have a hubby who gets up and let's him out at 6am as most mornings I can hardly move and I am already stressing about next week as he is away in the states. A lovely thought but please remember they are little lives that need lots of attention. A cat maybe better, more self sufficient and love nothing more than to cuddle up.

Or maybe as mumof5 said join the widows club or WI. Some of the ladies who live near me volunteer at the local charity shops for the odd hour.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


I'm sorry but you should never advise rescuing a dog as some form of therapy etc it is very irresponsible and i doubt very much that rescue organisations would appreciate it either!! I don't wish to cause offence to anyone at all,i have dogs and they are my world but dogs are for life and need a lot of time and attention etc and sadly not everyone can give a dog everything it needs and often the dog ends up back to where the poor thing started!!!!! Perhaps finding out about any Pets As Therapy Dogs to come and visit would be a better idea!


YOU are allowed to be FED UP sometimes! Don't be so hard on yourself, constant pain is depressing, & no one understands that more than us!

Try & eat some good hot food, even if only from tins as that should make you feel better, rather than junk food. Though as a treat that too can make you feel better.

Do something you enjoy, read listen to music or watch TV if you want, in bed if you want.

See your GP, maybe he can change something that will help more. I recently felt so down I went to Drs armed with a letter, as I couldn't get more than two words out without blubbing!

Don't compare yourself to others, we are all unique.

If you lived near you could cuddle my dog, she's so soft! (fur & in the head!) lol

I hope your mood lifts soon, gentle hugs to you xx


A tricky subject indeed adopting dogs - we adopted a dog from the RSPCA, this isn't to be taken on lightly at all. Our dear dog came with baggage and required massive effort and attention from the effects of his past life. Three years on we as a family are still seeing him as a work in progress. I have the backing of a fit hubby and two sons, I certainly couldn't have taken this on on my own. Worth thinking about - rescue dogs are normal rescue for a reason, bless them - they come with issues, abandonment issues, nervous issues etc. We have a non-rescue dog too, they are far harder work than cats, having had both.

Dogs are hard work bless their cotton socks lol!

A cat on the other hand would be company, quite self caring, not as hard to look after, might be worth thinking about. Also there's something calming about talking to a cat, they seem wise somehow. My dogs ignore me when I'm in talking mode :P

Dependence on meds is a good point - I took Amitriptyline (75mgs) for years and suddenly realised I didn't feel any better taking them. I am off them now and actually feel better. It might be worth seeing your GP and mentioning dependence and your concerns over your meds, might be time for a meds review. Please don't stop taking any meds without consulting your GP first, not advisable otherwise.

Another point worth considering - some support groups actually have mobile members who can visit other members in the comfort of their own homes if they can't make the meetings through immobility, lack of transport, or health reasons - might be worth finding out if you have this facility locally. A chat over a cuppa is great therapy too.

I hope you feel better soon Sue, please be assured we are all here for you, we understand.

Take care and please let us know how you get along. Here's a hug for you from me (((hug)))


Oh thanks guys, I knew you'd come up trumps. I have taken note of everything you've all said. I would like a dog, but as my mobility is very poor it wouldn't be fair to the poor pooch. Plus I have a 12 year old, very territorial house cat. She's my constant companion - on her terms of course, and I wouldn't, couldn't consider any other pet. I LOVE guinea pigs and have had loads in the past but they take so much more care than I'm able to give. The idea of perhaps changing my antidepressant is a brilliant thought, I'll phone GP on Monday!! I think a lot of this is empty nest syndrome as well. My daughter and her partner and new baby moved out to their first home recently and I suppose I feel lost. She's 29 so she'd been with me through thick and thin; when I lost her dad 6 years ago and when I lost my own father 12 months ago. But thanks all of you wonderful people, my fibro mates!!!


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