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Fed up

I feel so fed up having this fibromyalgia, had it since my mum died 13 years ago, I can't understand why they can tell you what it is but have no idea how to make it better, get tested, put on tabs and then left to it, I know of no tests to find out why. I just want to be happy, I know mine is no where as bad as others but, it's there all the time, hurting continually, not being able to get words out properly,and noone seems to realise, they just look at you wondering. For some reason every day now I fall asleep every day, I'm only 49. I do a bit of exercise, I hurt so much grrrrrrrr. I wake up feeling more tired than when I went to bed, so frustrating and all I do is moan daily to my poor husband, the amitrptyline doesn't seem to help.

Sorry just needed a moan. I feel for everyone of you here, it's just not fair, my worst place is neck, shoulder plaids, and lower back. Sometimes I just want to cry, sorry this is so long.

Today I was moaning to someone volunteering at the school I work in about yet another pain I've got and she replied with a laugh and saying your wierd. Thanks for that.

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Totally understand you and feel much the same. I am only 38 and I don't have it too bad but, like you, I have some level of pain to deal with all day every day. Right now it's bad and I've been trying to rest and hoping it will mysteriously go away. I'm ok most of the time if it only affects my hands neck and arms but now it's in my mid and lower back and jaw too. I feel pretty sorry for myself! It is rubbish that everyone looks at me and tells me 'You look great' and all I want to do is scream back 'Well I feel awful!'. Me too moan to my poor husband and me too, right now amitriptaline is not helping. But for me at least, I don't find this level of pain will last. It will pass eventually. And then I'll have some good days. That is some comfort to me. Hope you feel better soon :)


Gentle hugs. I know what you mean. The medical people can do marvalous things for more complicated medical conditions yet Fibromyalgia can't be fixed. You are in pain and nothing seems to help.

Gentle hugs



Hi littlejan, I feel your frustration coming off the page. Yes, fibro seems to be completely misunderstood by a fair proportion of doctors, and the medications to help it somewhat trial and error, sometimes more errors than there should be !! I am a year older than you and have, it would appear, had fibro since I was 17 when I was told I had fibrositis, so I thought, muscle pain, get over it...... Fast forward until about 8 years ago now I saw my doctor and he mentioned fibro, he did a trigger point test along with bloods and then said, fibrositis is the same as fibromyalgia and that had been what had caused many problems over the years,

Exhaustion is a huge problem for many of us, and frustration that one can't do what we were once able to do so easily. Don't be too hard on yourself, please :-)

Like you my main areas of pain at the moment are my low back, I've had several spinal compression fractures, and I have a vertebrae out in my neck, so I can completely understand the pain you are going through, so I am sending you lots of positive, healing vibes :-)

Foggy x


Hi Liitle jan,

I Understand where you are at the moment I'm having a " I don't want to be ill anymore"!!!! Have to tried the pain management course? That was a changing point in my life and I returned to work after completing it. It is hard and no one will say any different but if your mood is good rather than low it helps and the pain is at the back of your mind rater than in the front. I'm at work now so better go but wishing you luck and gentle hugs xx


Hi everyone I was diagnosed with fibro back in 2009 after seeing a rheumatoid specialist also had lower back surgery 2007 havnt been right since shoulders n neck lower back hurt so much.more surgery to come on neck and shoulder after xrays.i have problems sleeping so totally exhausted day after day.also suffer with ptsd and deppression am finaly getin the help I need from cpn and community social services as my teenage daughter needs to live her life wants to go uni soon so I felt like iv put alot of pressure on her looking after me last few years.its so frustrating for me and my family.wish all you suffers best wishes for the future. :-)


hi little jan, dont you feel like your moaning this groupis for that exact reason and its so you can have a moan, tell everyone your pains and problems and dont feel like you are bothering anyone. as good as family is there is only so much you want to speak to them as you feel like your bringing them down with you as they care for you so much x i sleep in the day i am 38 like apple4me and the pain as soon as i wake in the morning is so painful i feel like i could snap into half, taking a cocktail of medication and still feeling so much pain, forgetting what i was going to do, forgetting how to swallow sometimes and everything else like the other people here we are all not alone we all feel some of the same pains and problems and if you have moan on here 10 times a day then you do it i have come on here today feeling so depressed and like i cant stand another day then i read everyones troubles and i dont feel alone, i know it does not help with the pain but you know someones there , someone who talk to you and they understand fully what your saying xxx sending so much love and hugs to everyone xx love nicola x


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