Fed up

Hi all, I feel like I'm falling apart, alongside the numb left side of my face (not migraine related) I now find the inside of my mouth is peeling which is Horrible and I keep getting a taste of blood & on top that of that I keep smelling cat food even when there's none around.

I've got a rheumatologist app this week but I'm worried he won't listen to me. When I saw him before he just said you've got fibromyalgia go and look it up on the net and learn to live with it. 😞 Xx

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  • Hello, that sounds really horrible. When I read the first part of your post I thought it could be something similar to Neuralgia, which is quite common with FM sufferers. I dont think a Rheumatologist would be the right Consultant for this and I think it would be best to go back to your GP and explain what's going on? I feel for you! A more helpful Consultant could have said, not my field, you need to speak to your GP.

    Please do let us know how you get on? Xxx

  • Hi I'm seeing the rheumatologist for a different reason but I expect him to say it's all down to your fibro. I'm taking my fiancé with me so he can help. Thank-you for replying.

  • I totally agree with Tulips.

    I was just wondering if you had been taking any antibiotics as they can cause a sore mouth?

    Viitamin C tablets and Bco is recommended for sore membranes.

    Hope you start to feel better soon.

  • No antibiotics for a while. I thought it was an allergy to the toothpaste but it's carried on after reverting back for a couple of weeks or so. I'm used to a sore mouth and ulcers but this is driving me mad and it's not pleasant when you are chatting either. X

  • WHAT WHAT did he say! Well that has made my blood boil!!! Who does he think he is,.... grrrr

    Hi Tinker... do you have a friend that can go with you for support and stand up for you ... if I was near I would and I'd give him a piece of my mind... shame on that person it is hard enough without thinking they are not supporting you! Are there any groups near you for fibro?

    Healing thoughts with love x

  • Hi I'm lucky that I found this site and a fb group or two.

    My fiancé is coming with me so he can help.

    Thank-you xx

  • Good luck with the appointment. Hope you have more joy with it than last time. Sounds as though you are having a bad time. Hate anything to son with the mouth affects eating and talking.x

  • Hi, there is lots going on. This morning my left side of my face is swollen it's just never ending. Xx

  • Hi my gp is aware of most of these symptoms hence the referral. I just never seem to get any answers. 😞 X

  • Hi Tinker

    I'm wondering if could be a bit of oral thrush? I'm plagued with this and use mouth washes and nystatin form the Gp. My mouth burns from this too. I also have a very dry mouth and hardly any saliva so my mum got me a spray for my mouth from the chemist.

    Hope this helps


  • Hi, I've had thrush before but this isn't the same. I have looked it up and it does say autoimmune conditions can cause it. I just want to feel normal even just for one day. X

  • Hello Tinkerjack1912, so sorry to hear how rude the rheumatologist was to you. One day he may have a very sore mouth & then what? Anyway I have lots of problems with sore mouth, tongue etc & I find proper Manuka Honey put around your mouth area very healing. I have used this & I know that a lot of people use it during chemo when the mouth area can be very sore. ~Also are your vitamins up to date. All the best I hope your Dr. is sympathetic to you! Best Wishes Pixiewixie

  • Hi Pixiewixie, thank-you for the reply, I will try the honey. I'm not too good at taking vitamins, I have trouble remembering my prescription meds some days lol. I hope you are ok. X

  • Hello I know what that numbing pain feels like Any would be fed up I feel for you xx

  • Hi, it's driving me mad. I hope you are ok.

  • Yea ok I'm still here Looks like your still going through it ,I hope you get some relief some how ,I know how you feel been driving me crackers too awe are true fibro suffers that's for sure I got have my knees replaced Dover siad there gone Iv got osteoporosis in both legs , on top of the fibro it's bloody hell tinker There are a lot of new members here now not sure if they are fibro candidates but they are in pain so we try to help that's what we do bless you Tinker xx

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