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I had a session of hydrotherapy at my local hospital and it was wonderful at the time, just like being weightless, but the rest of the day I felt dreadful, I had to dose up on painkillers and last night I had hardly any sleep because I had a horrible headache and felt ill. I am wondering if it is an effect of the large amount of chlorine they use in the pool because it is a hospital, and I showered straight after but I was in the pool for about half an hour. My physiotherapist suggested it for my back pain and sciatica but I also have diagnosed fibromyalgia and it was rather like after I went to the osteopath. I have another session booked for next week. Any advice or suggestions please?

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I have never had hydro therapy but do have a jacuzzi bath and some times when I put the bubbles on they actually hurt my body so I have a plain bath...I think it all depends on your fibro and how it is flaring at the time... Sometimes the bubbles vibrating my body really help and other times it's too much... I tried swimming gently at local pool but was far too cold and my muscles went into spasm... I would try it again if you can stand it, i would if it was me and if you get the same reaction then you could then make a clear decision if this is good for you are not.

Good luck

VG x



If it was the chlorine I think you would have felt it straight away.

I expect it was the fact that you were doing a lot of exercise in the pool that lead to you feeling so poorly. I found i was so mobile when I was in the pool and able to do an awful lot more than out of the pool. You have probably used muscles that don't get used that much and they are complaining. Stick with it and I am sure you will feel better after a few more sessions. Also mention it to the physiotherapists.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


How much did you do in the pool? I know NHS appointment tend to be for a set time but 30 minutes is quite a lot to start with if you are not used to the warm water and exercising. Because the water supports you and the warmth of the water eases pain it can be easy to overdo it at first.

Also, consider whether you rehydrated enough afterwards? You sweat a lot without realising in a hydro pool and must make sure to not just replace this but also take on plenty of fluids to help flush out the toxins released by exercising and stretching your muscles.



I was in a lot of pain after my hydrotherapy.This week was my second session and the pain in my hip was still there.There were lots of leg exercises I couldn't do.I was told to work through what I could but not too push it.I also have to reduce the intensity of physios exercises and see my GP about stronger or a different mix of painkillers. Unfortunately its to be expected when we wake the muscles! Hope you feel a bit better soon x


We work our bodies far more than we have in a long time when we use the hydro pool. It's the same effect a non FMS person would get from going to the gym for the first time if they'd not exercised in a long time.

Stick with it, it truly does work and you get used to it.


hiya,you mention you use the hydro pool by paying...can this be done at any pool.....i started hydro therapy yesterday for bursitis of the shoulder today im in agony...but it was great using the pool for half hour...have to go again next week.....much obliged if you can answer thank you..angelroses...


thank you,i will ask on tuesday ,when i go is friday and the pain has eased off a lot.....and i can now move my arm,after 7 months of pain,..will defo go again now.....thank you again,angelroses.


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