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Hydrotherapy today

Had my first session today. It was very pleasant in that lovely warm pool but the thoughts of having to do the excersises in the local feezing pool doesn't appeal. I would recommend it thought just for the lovely sensation of floating in a huge hot bath!!!

Neck and shoulders very stiff tonight so hope it will not caused another sleepless night!! :(

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oh I have my referal just on the waiting list and I love water :-)


Hi Penny.

Hope you get your appt soon and enjoy it :)


I love the water and wanted to do water aerobics,but the thought of our freezing local pool,and the knowledge that I will go into muscle spasm puts me off.

Starting physio for a very painful arm soon,so going to ask about the pool then.

Enjoy it when you get your appointment Penny.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxx


Hi,i have had 2 sessions in our hospital pool not sure it's doing anything for me though,

When i get home and take my meds i lie down and sleep for a couple of hours.

It is nice to be in the warm water though between 34 & 37 degrees very nice ! will be back on monday afternoon for another sesssion.

Take Care

Carol x


Please excuse the spelling it's getting late lol


i went for that in the past , but the thing was you are only allowed 6 sessions at our hosp then that's it , which isn't long enough and the local baths don't have a hoist for me to go there plus the water is colder so will in fact tense up your muscles,so will be of no benefit at all


if at your local baths they have a health suite with a wet room as pposed to a dry sauna,that may be beneficial to sweat out toxins but do it a little bit at a time and wilst in there drink plenty of water to stay hydrated


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