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Hiya everyone!

I went to see the physio today following my diagnosis. He didn't give me any exercises which I was surprised about but advised he would like to refer me to hydrotherapy.

I can't swim normally as I have a cam leision on my hip bone but he feels it would really help.

I had an MRI on my neck recently as I also have thoracic outlet syndrome and my physio advised I have cervical spondylitis of the neck - will it help too??

Thank you xx

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You will enjoy the hydrotherapy as the water is warm and the physios are there to help you. You don't have to be able to swim as the water isn't deep.

It is easier to move your limbs and exercise as the water supports you.

I know caz-54 swears by it.

I would love to have some more but the NHS only offers six sessions.

The worse thing about it is getting out!



Our local hospital offers continued use at the Pool after initial sessions but you have to pay £5 each time, it is well worth it.

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thanks bluebell-yes I do!!


Hi Jordana88

I have had hydrotherapy sessions to help ease my RD and it was wonderful.

You Dont need to be able to swim altho some that went used to do,the pool is just a standard swimming pool with very warm water,just like a warm bath.

The one I Attended had physios in attendance who used to show me the best exercise to do for my condition.

The water takes the weight off your joints and as its warm it feels so much nicer.

I used to go twice per week but would have gone more often.My nearest pool was 40 miles from my Home so it wasnt always easy to make arrangements to go there.

If you get the opportunity to go then please do- I promise you you wont be sorry.

As bluebell99 says the hardest part is the getting out of the pool.- you dont want to leave !

I used to feel so relaxed afterwards

.They only recommend you spend a max of an hour in the pool at any session and it used to pass by so quickly but was sooooooo worth it.

I had to stop going because of an infection on my leg so I wasn't allowed in the pool until it cleared but looking forward to returning soon.

Love every minute of it.

Take care.




Hydrotherapy is brilliant. I had it last year and have been re-referred again and start next Weds. I am looking forward to it because I was able to see really positive results without some of the pain I can get when I exercise normally and the water is nice and warm so I don't get any muscle shock etc. The sessions are tailored to areas you need to build on specifically and the physios are really knowledgeable and will adapt all of the exercises especially if you are unable/find any difficult.

With regards to your cervical spondylitis, I am not sure as mine was for lower back and hip flexors but I imagine it would help with your thoracic outlet syndrome.

I hope you enjoy it.


Hi Jordana88 hydrotherapy is a lovely experience, like a warm bath and it really does help & as bluebell99 says you will enjoy it. It's getting dried and dressed that's not so good lol..xx


I cant answer the question but im told hydrotherapy can be very relaxing and therapeutic and even enjoyable. Best of luck. Blessings


The first Physio I saw said he could not do anything for me much to my disappointment. I tried again at a later date at another hospital and the Physio suggested hydrotherapy using certain exercises. It does help and the warm water is wonderful. I recommend it. My sciatica also improved.

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Hi Jordan, as a regular hydrotherapy user can I reassure you its NOT for swimming.. You will be in the very warm pool (absolute heaven) with a physio who will show you how to exercise safely with apparatus and on your own, I,m sure you will like it, I would go every day if they could accommodate me, give it a try, don't be embarrassed, people all ages all sizes go!


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