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Someone pass me a fresh wet fish!

I am totally over the shock of losing my ESA Tribunal. I have been more focused on a point of anger this last few days.

At the end on the Drs questions the judge had two things to ask me, or discuss with me.

1. Q.You claim to have hearing problems, yet you have heard us throughout!

A. Because you are not all talking at once.

Q. But nonetheless you have heard us?

A. Yes but with Menieres you can have problems on one day that you do not have on another but.........(andf I was cut off.

Q. If you were in a room alone and someone came in to tell you there was a fire, would you hear them?

DUHHHHHH, I doubt very much if the statement of there being a fire would be whispered, more screamed, chances are Iwould gear it. On a funny note the speed I walk I would be charcoal before I got out of the burning building!!!!!!! so what difference would it make if I heard or not.

A very poorly thought out trick question from someone supposedly intelligent enough to judge a tribunal, I think not.

I said tot he usher before going in that I had to bring my daughter(21)in too as she could not be left on her own.

2. Q. How do you care for your daughter?

A. I don't, her father is her main carer.....and I was cut short again.

How did she deduce that from saying my daughter could not be left on her own that she required constant care(which she does)???????? I could have been bringing her in because at the time she had a severe water infection and looked really ill.

Sorry about the long topic, will get to my point now.

Today I went for my hearing test and had various tests done, the follow up tests confirm the findings of the previous tests so you cannot fake them. It turns out I AM losing my hearing in the right ear, hearing loss in the left ear IS more severe that the right and includes a curve in the ear canal that makes it worse. My Fibromyalgia balance problems ARE being severely affected by the problems with my EARS and I HAVE to have two hearing aids, AND the vertigo IS going to get worse so my balance in effect IS screwed and most likely not improve no matter what intervention medicalwise takes place. So Mrs Judge, I really do hope you keep uptodate with blogs about ESA tribunals etc and how disgustingly we, sufferers of Fibromyalgia(and most of us having other illness too)(a life long illness recognised by the government in June 2012 as potentially disabling disease, I guess no one told you)are treated for being open and honest about an illness we would rather not have. So Mrs Judge, if you do get to read this I send it to you as a potential slap around the face with a fresh wet fish. And I bet I speak for quite a few sufferers There I feel better now. And to admin, if you feel I have overstepped the mark and this has to be removed, I fully understand lol xxxxx

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those tribunal judges speak to us like peices of dirt i thought they were supposed to be independant tribunal and are supposed to be there to help us ! no such luckxx


I long ago learnt to take 'we are completely independant of the DWP' with a very large pinch of salt. And they do help hun, they are helping us unemployable sufferers back into work, so they think, but you tell someone in an interview about your illness and you won't hear from them again xxxxx


Loved it.brilliant here here "xx


Thankyou, Lin<<<<<<<<takes a bow xxxxx


Ozzy that was fantastic, brilliant writing, cant think of the appropriate word I was going to use, but you have the gift for writing and expressing yourself well, and a wet fish slapped in their faces is all they deserve the lot of them xxxxxxxxxx


I would prefer to use a huge wet cod lol xxxxx


Great blog,, and I had similar disrespect at my tribunal, they brought my visits to my mother into question ( she is in her eighties and is now blind,has shingles diabetes, dementia very unstable) at some point along the last year of interrogations I had mistakenly mentioned I visit her every day when it is at all possible. The questions I was asked at my tribunal were directed at the fact that I put her medication in a tub for her and make her a cuppa at dinner time every day that I am able.They asked how long I stayed, did I sit in a chair all of that time, and implied that the visit I made showed I was capable of working. My own if anyone would NOT do what they possibly could ,,not that I do much.............she gets nothing in the way of help and I find that disgusting too. Care in the community my arse.............she along with many, has been left to survive or die...........and without me and my sister she would be 6 ft under. ...............................................My daughter came to my last tribunal with me and was quite shocked at the treatment...............My new forms have just arrived to start a new claim.....................This time I will be ready.........the form is going to have every symptom I have ever had and when it comes to Atos and appeals and tribunals ...........NO conversation this isn't conversation its underhand ways to try and make you say something they then use against you .......................................I hope they struggle themselves one day..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well I wish you all the luck in the world with this next claim. I will only go down that route again should the gevernment muck about with the benefits I get now. I should not have had to claim carers allowance in order to get Income Support so that I would not have to work. I now take the judges claim that they are completely independant with a very large pinch of salt as these words are not sharing the same air as me. Let us all know how you get on xxxxx


Well said xxxx


Lin<<<<<<<takes yet another bow, and now her back is paying the price lol.


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