Good News Week

This is one I have to share. I have no experience with the elderly - nobody in my family in previous generations has ever lived long enough to be called elderly. Modern medicine being what it is, the current flock of senior family members (myself included) are treading on fresh ground.

The one thing in life I fear above everything else is losing my faculties. Dementia is a constant worry. So when I started doing odd things and forgetting many things, I felt as though my mind had turned to swiss cheese - full of holes. I decided I had better seek medical help know before I lost my marbles completely and was unable to take control of my life.

My doc was really kind to me, she arranged for me to come back another day with a double appointment so she could do a memory test. Well I was in a bit of a state - I bought vitamins to aid the brain, tried to rest up for this "test".

The day came, the doc gave me an address to remember, a clock to draw, and put a time on, she asked if I knew the date and did I know something that had happened in the news, then she asked me to repeat the address. Apart from saying Mr Smith instead of Mr Brown for the addressee. I sailed through the "test". The doc was happy to report that my marbles were still rolling about in fairly good order. However, she did say that my swiss cheese memory was probably due to the accursed 'Fibro Fog'

Thank you Fibro Fog - my sanity is saved - the aches and pains I will cope with - putting things in the wrong places, forgetting where I have left things, forgetting to do things - these things hold no fear for me now. Now I know it is proof of my membership in a very exclusive club.

Forgive me friends, but I simply HAD to tell my fellow members of the Fibro Memory Club.

Do you think we should have a secret handshake - or would that be too painful?

Kindest regards and many gentle hugs to my fellow club members


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  • Welcome to the club, you are most definitely not alone. There are times during most days when this catches me unawares, today at the shop I got to the checkout and remembered I needed bread off I went to get some, I had to go back to the till because I'd forgotten what I was meant to get, they sent a shop assistant to get it for me, they are quite used to me luckily. Best wishes Lou x

  • Lol I put my hubbys whisky in the sause draw and forgot about he was asking me for weeks lol x

  • Hi Doeidea

    That is wonderful news as I can imagine from my own experience that you must have been terrified? I underwent a dementia test about 6 months ago, and it was awful. I got a few answers wrong but I was told the same thing.

    I want to wish you all the best of luck and I genuinely hope that your dreaded Fibro Fog does not play up too much?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Morning Doreen,

    Well I am so pleased for you, to have past with flying colours is good. It must

    have given you more confidence :) smiley faces all around :)

    As to the secret handshake I don't think it would work it would always be changing

    Have a good day Keep smiling


  • Oh bless you, fibro fog is a total pain - I often forget what I'm saying mid sentence or have absolutely no idea what someone has just said to me (and I promise I was listening!) I also get my words jumbled quite a bit. I think the way I cope with it is through humour - I have to laugh about it or I'd cry a lot.

    We could have a secret handshake many of us would remember it ;) ?

  • Glad you got the good news about your test but a word of warning. My mother died last month at 88 but she had been suffering with dementia for some time and hers was caused by lack of exercise. She stopped moving because of chronic pain and that effected her circulation.

    Seeing myself following the same route, getting people to do things for me as it hurt me to do them for myself made me realise that I have to do thing differently.

  • Glad you passed the test with flying colours. I loved how you wrote the post you could be an author it all flowed and showed your underlying sense of humour so I think the old brain cells are certainly still knocking together. Yes I think the Fibro Memory Club would initially have an enormous membership but we would probably forget we were members after the first week.x

  • I'm signing up anyway.

  • Hehehe. I think the handshake could be a masonic gentle hug? The fog feels similar to dementia and I'm suspicious of the standard tests for good reason. It doesn't seem to be everyone who has fibro - but with fog we develop coping mechanisms. So try not to worry about it. Some of my worst lapses came long before fibro diagnosis. Even when I write notes I later wonder "what's that about?" :D :D

  • Doreen I am happy that your marbles are still rolling in the right direction, and you only have the dreaded fibro fog, and what a horrid thing that can be, but you can smile at it too because it can make you do some silly things!!! Take Care Gentle Hugs. :-)

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