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Hello everyone some good news for a change


I have been waiting since 14 December 2013 for an ESA medical and have been surviving on the basic £71 for 5 months now. I received the dreaded brown envelope yesterday in the post, I thought ah here is the date for the cross examination and medical but I was shocked,. surprised and could not believe what I was reading. The letter said they are putting me in the Support Group without a medical, no more sick notes to send in and this will be paid until May 2017... completely the opposite of what I expected after everything I have read or heard about ESA assessments over the months. I had to ask my daughter in law to read it to make sure I was reading it right. After 18 months I also have a tribunal date for my DLA tribunal which will be on 18 July, yes DLA its that long since I applied for it. I will send them a copy of the letter I received yesterday to let them know I am in the Support Group. It is such a blessed relief. Also some of you may remember my photos from when the transit van demolished the front of my house on 21 February well 4 months later and still no work has been done, I am depressed sitting in my dark lounge at night, I feel like they have stolen my light nights off me, I could sit in the kitchen but with fibro and arthritis its not possible to sit there for any length of time. Apparently the work will start in June.

Just wanted to update you all as although I read and comment on your posts I very rarely start a thread of my own. Sending love and hugs to you all. Sitting in the cool lounge today as my skin cannot take the heat any more..xxxxx Ang

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Good to hear you have had some good news after everything you have been through. Hopefully they will sort out and award you DLA soon.



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Thank you Jilly, hugs x

I'm so so pleased for you that you have had some good news after such a long time of worry and the ghastliness of the van in your living room. I really hope that you win your PIP tribunal and that the work on your house starts and finishes very quickly come June, then you will be able to enjoy the light evenings in comfort.

Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-)

Foggy x

Thank you for your lovely kind words Foggy xx

That is really good news and well worth sharing my friend!

Take care and all the best of luck

Ken x

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Thank you Ken x


I am so pleased that things are now going your way. One positive thing about having the work done in june is that at least the weather will be warm and you wont have the problem of freezing while they are working

wont be long now and you will finally be back to normal.

Hugs sue xx

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Thank you Sue, its more a case of I really would love to see daylight in the evenings now the light nights are here LOL I feel like a bat in a cave, still things will start moving soon with the building works thankfully xx

So glad you at last have the decision you deserve about the ESA. Hope that being put in the support groups helps you towards getting the right DLA decision. It must be so depressing for you sitting in your dark lounge I bet you can't wait for the restoration work to be started and for it to be over. We need to move house because of my health and have been having various rooms decorated to make the place look a bit more inviting to buyers and just having that disruption has nearly sent me up the wall so I can't imagine how you must be feeling. Let us know how you get on at the tribunalx

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Thank you. Hope you manage to sell your house soon. I will let you know once I have had the tribunal in July. x

Morning yes good news at last but I cannot "belieeve" you have no resolution over your sitting room/front wall.Still glad you are being looked after better and I wish you loads of luck for the coming months.


Himistyang So sorry to here about the van hitting your home hope you will have daylight soon. So happy for you getting into the support group I am waiting to here from them had no money since December because my husband works hope you get the DLA good luck fibro10

Enjoy the back pay and maybe a kitchen chair that's comfy for now. god it sounds like thy need hurrying on have you any advocates (Citizen's Advice) also don't know if any help but my dad had a very long extension cable and if you bought a tower socket you could plug in anything you like to make it at least with some of the homey conveniences your used to a lamp can feel normally and bright only feeling for your situation so hope it helps xx

hi there,

well done you, wish i had some luck but i am off for my assessment on Thursday. hope everything else fall into place for you and your PIP. so pleased for you.



Great News ! :)

Thank you all for your lovely comments and support. Really appreciate it... Hugs xx

great news so pleased for you.

Arghhhhh the light bulb has gone in the lounge today, its dark in there from the accident and the boards that are up making it pitch black... unfortunately it has blown the whole light circuit and the fuse box is behind the damned boards, had to ring the building firm and they are sending me an electrician about 4pm, I hope they do or I will have to go to bed... Not a happy bunny...tomorrow marks 4 months since the van came into my cottage,...

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