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somebody shake me and wake me

hi everyone,

I blogged the other day about having to much sleep and i was going to change from today!!! I never got up today slept and planned to get up and do bit of house work so my hubby did not know that i was in be d all day ( feel guilty about it) oh my god i was still sleeping when he came in tonight i never got up all day and when i did i was so tired. this is the complete oposite of a few months ago when i could not sleep at all yhink i need help xxx

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Hi there! This has been happening to me of late and I was recently diagnosed as having CFS. Maybe you too? Don't be embarrassed - your body needs It. My hubby has got used to my three hour 'naps' and long stretches in bed. Yesterday he likened my sleep patterns to that of our visiting hedgehog as they reputedly sleep for 18hours a day!

Hope this helps.



Welcome to my world Webby; I have CFS/ME as well. Yesterday I slept for 19 hours with just a wakeup when my carer bought me breakfast and a toilet break!!

If your body was craving water you'd have a drink wouldn't you? So if your body is craving sleep then give it what it needs. Who cares about house work? Your health is way more important so please don't feel guilty. This hot, humid weather isn't helping anyone at the moment either is it?

Sweet dreams :-)

Julie xx


thankyou ladies nice to know i am not alone xxx will go to docs and tell her whats going on. if i can make the effort


I think this is a 'normal' part of fibro I'm afraid.I spent a lot of yesterday asleep and like you I usually can't stay asleep.It seems to go in cycles for me especially when I have tried to do 'normal'activities x


I too have M.E along with Fibro and I am either feast or famine with my sleeping,my body clock is in melt down- sometimes I crash and I have to accept that I will be asleep for the best part of a day or 2 . There is nothing for it but acceptance and to be kind to yourself. After a while you may notice a pattern emerging as if after every minor exertion ,nice time out ,stressfull situation,argument with someone that you crash. Its normal. I would go and see your gp though and get her /him to diagnose you. Gentle hugs xx


I too have me/cfs along with my fibro and i agree with all that has been said above. Me personally am like shirleyac and amanda as my sleeping seems to go in cycles were I am asleep all the time or I can't sleep and can be up until the small wee hrs, I just go with it now even though I do feel guilty if the house is a mess an my family have had to feed themselves !!! Hilly xx


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