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Terrible end after a terrible day

Yesterday was one of my worse days ever and i was so looking forward to bedtime after a lovely hot bubble bath but did i sleep NO

I have been awake most of the night with terrible leg pain and tossong and turning trying to get comfortable ,Arms are aching badly today so making this a short blog and snuggling back down now to try and recover ,hope you guys have the best day possible

Sue xx

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same here, I walked well tried to walk around Morrisons, legs and back collapsed, just great off my feet again


Sue, oh so sorry to hear that. can you take drugs to help you sleep?? Do you have the 2.5 year old today? Hope not!!!

lally....I love Morrisons...sad aren't I!!!!!! we don't have one nearby!!! So cheap, but good quality ( i can't believe I have just written that!!!)

Hope both your days improve!! xxx


Rach, are we getting our Sue's muddled up LOL. :) I've got the 2.5 year old, plus a 3.5 year old and an 11 month old today. Actually, even I'M getting my Sue's muddled..... :)

I take drugs to help me sleep. xxx


I used to play table tennis in the local league won trophys that was the first thing I lost, and the opne I miss the most. Long walks in the country also have gone, it's all I can to walk round supermarket now


I can only just walk round the supermarket and then getting in and out of the car when I get home is a nightmare. I don't drive, I'm a passenger.

I'm a childminder and can't do the school run anymore. Today is my worse day workwise, I've got 3 children here and they wear me out, thank goodness I don't work Fridays.

I'm going to see a lady tomorrow to have some treatment, don't know what to have yet, I'll see what she suggests after a chat. I quite fancy reiki or a GENTLE massage.


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