Does anyone else have a memory foam mattress?

My hubby bought an expensive memory foam mattress for me as he thought it may help me sleep better.But I am still waking up every couple of hours in pain and still very stiff in the mornings. I am now finding that my hips and legs are feeling like lead all day long and I ammisleadingly left leg as I am finding it hard to lift my foot up to take a step. As anyone else had the same problem ? I don't want to upset him and tell him it is not doing any good as I thought it was very sweet of him to do this and he sleeps like a baby on it .

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  • Hi

    I have one and have had for about 5 years, I find them really comfortable and great in winter as they get warm and mould to your body shape quickly. I can't honestly say they have made much difference to my symptoms but they could have been worse without it. The only downside I have found is that they can be too warm in summer and make you a bit sweaty. Assuming we get a summer of course.

  • Hi, I think its just trial and error as my mum had a extreamly comfortable memory foam mattress which was heaven, so i saved up and bought myself one but it was awful i could feel that slats underneath you no matter how heavy/light you were most people think you get what you pay for, but that really isnt the case (well for me anyway) . hope this helps :D

  • I got a mattress with double layer of springs with a layer of memory foam on top. I love it Im still sore in the morning but not as bad and I can actually sleep on my back. which I couldnt do previously. Go to a shop and try out the different mattresses in store

  • I bought one and the trouble was I move about so much that the mattress didnt have time to fit my shape before I was moving again so I could never get comfortable.... Have an orthopaedic mattress now and a great latex mould to shape instantly pillow that really is great


  • Yes I have one and I don't know what I would do without it. Having said that it did take some getting used to, the problem now is that when I go away I don't like the beds and can't sleep.

  • I have a memory foam topper which does help. Like ther comment above though, now when i go away anywhere I hate their beds and find them too hard/soft/lumpy...sounds like Goldilocks and 3 bears :)

  • My bed is very firm, we added a 3 inch topper and 1 inch polyfoam matress pad. I love it. My daughter 24 loves it. She has a two inch topper and reg matress pad. I see a new bed in her future, she was a gymnast and has 2 bulging lumbar discs.

  • I have one (paid a fortune for it) and do find it comfy but if I have pain I will still wake up most nights and I am still very stiff in the mornings. I move around a lot in my sleep though.

  • Hi

    I have a water bed which is good as no pressure

    Areas also you can control the temperature

    I still wake up every few hours, some times don't sleep at all

    I am still very stiff first thing in the morning, I'm afraid it's the nature

    Of the beast, the beast being fibro.

  • I have the sprung mattress with a couple of inches of memory foam ontop and find this is very good. The way to tell if it is helping is to sleep in a different bed for a couple of nights.

  • Try popping a duvet under the sheet and have a pillow for between your thighs. I have to have pillows to raise my shoulders as I have to lay on my back, my hips being my problem area - one of them- and then I have three pillows. They lay across the bed, [not along as in up the leg], side by side and another on the top covering the join. I have to lift my thighs off the bed, but support my knees and protect my heels from pressure, then I have to lift the duvet off my feet or the simple resting of the fabric is excruciating. I take Amitriptyline for restless legs and with the right dose I get some sleep but even need music to meditate into a sleep. Sometimes I get to sleep on my left and then I must have a pillow between my knees. No chance on my right.

    I do have a single bed with the mattress in question but cannot turn over easily and get too hot. It was bought for my step father who was very ill and needed a very soft mattress as he was all bones, but he was too light for it and barely made a dent. Think I'm too heavy! But it does take time to wear it in and my students love it!

    I do hope you find a way to get a good nights sleep on it as it may help you in the long run.

    Soft hugs and sweet dreams!

  • Hi

    We had a silentnight mattress with the memory foam on top and found it great, the only problem being is when you are in a position and need to change then it does need a lot of effort to get out of the mould you have made in the mattress.

    We went mad last year and bought an electric adjustable bed with vibration and memory foam mattress (our daughter has got our old bed and loves it). Not only can I get the bed to the best position but it will also vibrate me off to sleep.

    We shopped around and the one we chose has all the bells and whistles and it was under £2,000.00 and that was delivered and fitted with brilliant service also.

    So in my opinion it is definitely horses for courses as to be honest with both our memory foam beds we have been measured as there are different strength foams that they use for different areas.

    Also when you say your hubby sleeps like a baby on the bed, does that mean he wakes you up crying for food or he needs changing, teething or any of the other hundred things a baby wakes up for?

    Just Wondering

    Tale care and kindest regards


  • I have it but sometimes it feels like sleeping in blu-tack cause when you wanna turn over your

  • I spent ages in the bed shop when I was choosing a new bed, eventually I went for a half and half mattress, it has springs and a thick layer of memory foam. I can't say I sleep much better than I did before and I'm still stiff and sore when I wake in the morning but it is more comfortable than my old mattress and because its electrically adjustable, I can sleep propped up when my IBS is bad, which is a big help.

  • I have one, if he bought a tempur brand they will usually have a 30 day trial I think it's the only one that does. for me I have flat on my back all isn't as I am not able to move in y sleep I need to be awake to even move an inch, so at least I don't get pressure sores, but laying or sitting without moving for me makes me as stiff as anything and I don't have the strength to Pull myself up. I hate having to rely on my OH to help me. it's very frustrating when I had been in dependant for so many years despite pain, but now I hate not being able to do things myself.

    for anyone interested in tempur mattresses, anyone with a long term medical condition can claim vat relief but it's only o n mattresses and not toppers or pillows, and has to be that brand

    hope you manage to find a solution, at least you have a hubby with such a kind heart xxx

  • My mattress is memory foam on top of pocket springs which I bought a few years ago. Each night, as a spiritual lady, I express gratitude for my 1 on the list of home comforts, is my mattress! Absolute bliss! It also has temperature control...not sure how that works. I also use a sheet under my duvet sheets are Egyptian cotton...they feel like silk and are cool in Summer but they feel warm in Winter once you've been in bed for a few minutes.

  • I too have both. Memory foam mattress, it was very cheap, and as the saying goes if you pay peanuts you get monkeys and how true that was ! So I was treated by a very kind friend to a really good quality topper which is on top of the memory foam and I love it ( as do the jack russells ! ). For people who struggle with the heat element f such a mattress I would suggest they invest in a Coolmax cover which reduces considerably warmth of the memory foam. I have recently read about a new mattress called Dormeo Octaspring and am seriously considering investing in one, as all the reviews I've seen have been really really good. Like many of you, I still struggle with sleep despite the memory foam, but I think it is a case of the princess and the pea, together with all the lovely rubbish fibro related things we are blessed with and often wake feeling like haven't slept a wink, when infact I may have had three or four hours (yay) . I hope this may help, but remember everyone is an individual and what suits one, may not be right for another, best thing to do is, if you have the energy, go to a shop and try out some that are on display, so tat you can get a measure of how your body reacts to them.. Most good retailers are more than happy to let you lay on the beds for quite some time to find out which may help you, Whine you luck and some better sleep, if you achieve it ??. Muchly Foggiest

  • I have a memory foam mattress topper and it's gorgeous! I can't believe the difference it makes, I wouldn't be without it for anything now, so comfy and warm too. I have an electric overblanket and I am as snug as toast whereas I was always freezing before.

    Prior to using the mattress topper we bought an expensive memory foam king size bed like you see in advertisements where one side of the bed can go up and down whilst the other can go in another position. No good at all for me! I couldn't even turn over and the complete memory foam mattress didn't help me one bit and I was still freezing.

    I highly recommend a memory foam mattress topper, absolutely lovely! :D The topper cost me £25 whereas the king size bed was £2500, half price in a sale! Toppers are reasonably cheap and more effective for me.

  • We have a Tempur mattress and don't know how I'd survive without it.

    End of.

  • yes i have the same problem i cant turn over at all on mine i have to sit up and physicaly turn around and lay back dow , this keeps me awake as ihave spondilosis and spondilitus of the spine and turn over on average every hr so i dont get much sleep at all so no its not agood matress to own so i have to suffer too as i cant afford a new one x

  • I have had a Pocket Sprung mattress all my life but now I am getting older they dont cut it anymore, after about a year what ever one I have bought the springs dig in, even paid £600 for one but still no good after 1 year. I went to my local mattress shop and they suggested I try memory foam, I tested the Cool Max and wow! I have had is 6 months now and perfect nights sleep! I am in London and could not recommend sleep solutions enough, great service from Sue!

  • hi unless u buy a proper tempa matteress all theses cheaper ones are rubbish if u look at them its basically a topper on a foam matteress , we have got a 2k tempa not sure it helps but its very relaxing and helps with the pain i think as it moulds to you and it should regulate temp as thats what its designed to do each to their own and yes its expensive but i wudnt swap it

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