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Hi all So so want to sleep been awake now two hours ,left leg and foot killing me ,My back ,elbow, knee and ankle have been bad since a fall last monday trays all the meds i got with no joy Sorry to moan but fed up looking at the wallpaper lol xxxx

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  • Aww that's terrible and I know how you feel. Hope you get some relief from the pain and some sound sleep. Fingers crossed for you, Mags x

  • I am sorry you are having such trouble and I wholeheartedly hope it settles down for you>


  • Yea me too legs killing me Calfs are rock hard Got pain in my neck , back looking at my medication what should I take Lookink at ceiling I know it well xx

  • Yeh, I know how you feel. Took my meds 2 hours ago and still very little relief.

    So sorry to hear about your fall, It's certainlt no laughing matter.

    You have a right to moan, most of us are using this web site cause we're all in the same boat, so go on have a good old moan.

    Hugs x

  • Been there and got the tshirt......You have my utmost sympathy. I'm very "clumsy" at times and I fall /stumble/ bump into things frequently. I bruise very easily too, so I understand. I hope you manage to get some good sleep.....try arnica gel on the hurting bits you can reach, I swear by it. Lots of healing vibes xxxx

  • so sorry you are going through this.. had many weeks of looking at the ceiling like you in the past 3 years.. no wise words but know your not alone be gentle with yourself x

  • Thanks all got to sleep about 5 the best thing is when hubby got up he said. God you slept well last night its a change for you, (If only i said ) Well i didnt hear you he said If only i could sleep like him I wish lol Hope you all have a pain free bank holiday xxxx

  • I have had that said to me to lol

  • My heart goes out to you....lying awake is unbearable, not to mention the pain. The only thing takes my mind of it is music, gentle and soft, maybe not your thing, but i was amazed at how it helped me relax. I have to use earphones so i don't waken hubby! Gentle hugs, Jean x

  • yes i find soft music in earphones helps take my mind off things also the hypnotherapy apps you can also get them on youtube they really do help me sleep x

  • Glad to hear u got some sleep, I am right there with on hurting all over and no sleep or very little. Then it's hard to get up and function the next day.

    Hope u have a better night tonight.

  • It often helps a lot helps to moan ~ so just go right ahead! I recently have the insomnia and the falling, and have had chronic pain for many years ... but I know most others have some or all of these, too, so we all empathize with you and send much care and concern along, fibro10!

    Hoping you find some relief from all, very soon ... BK

  • If it doesn't ease up I would get checked for a trapped nerve. Heat packs and gels and creams can help on top of pain killers. Also sleep with two soft pillows down your left side if it's comfy.

    Hope it gets better soon


  • My heart goes out to you too, lying awake in pain is soul destroying. I have been using biofreeze gel (you can now get it in a quick drying spray - although gel seems to be better - so you don't have to wake up sleeping/snoring partners!). It is med free and really fast acting. My physio told me, if I sleep on my side to have a pillow in-between my legs to stop hip and leg aches, and one under my arm to stop my shoulder hurting. it works quite well. Although, I have got a bit tangled up some nights! I am just looking at yoga breathing and meditation cds to try to alleviate stress.

    take care x

  • Thanks all for your replys . Dont now whats going on my ankle keeps given way about 9 times today between other pain in my joints and this is its doing my head in .I use the pillows all the time and gel but at this moment is not helping .xxx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • im sorry to hear about your pain i often get an ache in my legs cant get comfortable at all it is so distressing when you cant sleep and you can guarantee when its time to get up you can fall asleep sorry i cant off any help but just thought i would let you know you are not alone with this x

  • Awwww bless you sweetheart hope your better real soon I know just how you feel I'm same when get laid up with my back it's horrible as for cramps in the leg try indian tonic water I didn't believe it myself till I tried it and it really works I hope your up and about real soon hun gentle hugs xx xx

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