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Does anyone have a balance problem?

Hi everyone

When I stand up right if I lean slightly forward I can stay standing but if I stand completly up right I fall backwads. ( ie when I stand up from the loo usually ) I fell last night at the bottom of our stairs. I was just standing waiting for my chair to come down when as if in slow motion I fell backwards . My Husband tried to grab me but the momentum was too much. I ended up falling through the kitchen doorway and hitting the cupboard in my dining room. It took him over an hour to get me up. Very bruised today!!

I also fall straight forward if I lean to far forward and I cant stop my self most times I grab something if I am near it.

I did speak to my Dr about it and he says its all a part of Fibro. So I wondered does anyone else have this problem. I don't go dizzy or anything ,and no warning. My Dr blames every thing on Fibro I am beginning to worry if he is missing something.

Hope you are all safe today and sending out Gentle ((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) to everyone

RDx xx x x :-)

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Hi,I don't know if this may help but maybe you should have a hearing test done as it will really affect balance ?X Jo


Hi Jo had ear and eye tests done I just fall if I am not careful. Scared today to move and that won't help I know.

Thanks for the info tho

RD x


yes i have balance and spacial awareness problems.i am really wobbly on stairs and have to hold on both sides and I often bang into door frames etc when i think i am far away enough to mis them. i have some lovely bruises and end up quite multicoloured. it is a good idea to question new symptoms tho x J


I,m afraid so, I usually end up bending forward when standing still am constantly missing door ways and banging the frames as I go through I always have a stick with me , two if I,m not carrying anything as I have fallen so many times I use them for extra balance. I actually got asked if my husband hit me one time cos my arms were covered in bruises from the doorframes


This is quite common with Fibro Rainbowdancer. I tend to lean sometimes when my symptoms are quite bad, I am convinced the pavements are leaning. I trip over things, I find steps hard to judge too, how high or low they are etc. I prefer to walk holding hubby's hand as I feel safer holding on to him. Failing that, my youngest son comes in handy to keep my steady. Bless him.

So sorry you fell over and I hope your pain and bruising eases really soon. Please take care and make sure you test. A fall can cause stress which in turn can make the symptoms of our Fibro escalate so be careful and don't overdo it.

Some find it easier with balance problems and Fibro to steady themselves with a walking stick, this can help the uneasiness and fear of uneven ground etc. It also gives our partners a break from us hanging on to them for dear life.


Yes,I'm very stiff and unsteady,I use crutches and a mobility scooter .I usually fall up the stairs or backwards from a leaning forward position?! I had hydrotherapy for the first time today and I was even really wobbly in the water.It was lovely and warm though!


Hi there,

yes i have balance problems too ( i have everything lol feel like worn T shirt haha) but not fallen asleep quiet as you have at bottom of stairs, but i believe that having ears tested asewll as there has been some problems recently from family who i know that have it going around.

i was so unwell other wkend in bed because of the Vertigo feeling and was like exorcist throwing up all over my bedroom and then landing and loo 3 times and by time got to loo i had finished. i kept having short moments of just unsteadiness like WOOO whats happening, my hubby then had a problem feeling similar but not as bad as me ...so it is down to Dr decision on what it is and yes they blame everything on your illness i have to admit, because once everything else ruled out after tests not finding anything then diagnose with FM it is pretty much 'its FM' but always best to keep on at the DR and just say something does not seem rite and you are not with us at home when tings are happening.

I hope it eases off for you as tiredness too can take over as much as we may say to ourselves we are OK ..I HAVE TO Sleep whenever my body says to do so. as much as fight it.

Keep us updated how things go either on wall or inboxes no one minds at all ...

soft snuggly huggles to you .. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


yes i get balance problems to i always have to walk near something so i can quickly grab hold of i am always unsteady as if im about to topple over , but i hope you get better soon take carexx


Thank you all so much for your support. I am in a lot of pain tonight cant get comfee anywhere and had my quoter of pain killers today and gell. I do not have any vertigo or dizzy-ness I just fall over almost as if I am drunk . Not that I drink anymore because that would be lethal lol :-)

Sadly my husbands back and legs are bad because he had to try and pick me up and I was a dead weight,as I have no upper or lower body strength. and cant get on my knees as they need replacing.

Hope I will feel better tomorrow.

Gentle heartfelt hugs to you all x x

Rainbow x x x


I have awful balance problems due to the fibro, but made worse by the menieres and the vision(yet I am fit for work, sorry harping on again). About 6 weeks ago I went on my usual fortnightly jaunt to my sons, it gives hubby a break and me too. I told sone to hold off meeting me for about ten minutes as I needed to get off one stop earlier and get a drink. So I went into Tesco Express and go drink. I was pretty unstable to say the least and staff asked me if I was okay. I said I was I just had afew balance issues. She got a bit closer so I am guessing she was checking for alcohol fumes at 8.20 in the morning! The outside I was zig zagging, I was wobbling off to the right so I had to keep correcting myself. It must have looked pretty odd. But this guy comes up to me, right in my face, basically nose to nose and started hurling profanities at me for being drunk early in the morning and did I not have any shame and I should have stayed indoors if wished to be drunk. I was that shocked I was lost for words. By the time my son got there the guy had long gone. Sorry, waffling on. But yes I do have awful balance troubles xxxxx(I do hope you recover soon)


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