Does anyone else have trouble with swallowing?

Hi everyone, I have another querie about symptoms of fibro. Recently I have had a couple of cases of choking.

I wondered if this was related to fibro. as my muscles all seem to be affected. Maybe this could affect our throat too.

Am I being silly or something. My son told me to chew my food more. Maybe thats the case.

Please let me know what you think.



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  • I have been going through this it started a few weeks ago choking on my tablets I seen to be swallowing food down before I am ready to and it sets me of coughing I don't know if it the fibromyalga

  • I'm stating the obvious that you should see your GP, I do have this problem which for me, after tests, has been put down to stress, when pain is off the scale I don't breathe properly, very shallow breaths, and that triggers the choking. Lou xx

  • Hi

    I have trouble swollowing with my fibro. Having said that, I would go see your dr, to make sure it isn't something else, as I know there are other things it can be.

    Hope everything turns out ok for you.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  • Have you ever had your thyroid function tested? A thyroid problem interferes with swallowing, and I know that there are a lot of Fibromites who have thyroid problems too. I know that I feel like I have a tennis ball in my throat when I don't remember to take my meds 🐸

  • thanks sorebones, although I was a nurse and did a lot of different speciality out patients clinics I never came across thyroid troubles, I think people were referred somewhere else with this as our local primitive hospital doesn,t fund specialist, but I do believe a g.p can do thyroid function blood test called a TFT and we should be minded not to assume everything we suffer from is fibro related. I,m waiting for a gastroscopy (only been waiting since feb) and since first presenting with acid reflux my throat feels like I have pills "stuck" in my gullet along with severe chest pain when I swallow I,m sure its oesophagitis but if my gastro isn,t this coming week I will present at g.p or call 111 out of hours for further advise.

  • I have trouble swallowing, sometimes my throat muscles seize and I cannot swallow for at least five/six seconds or I choke as I don't make enough saliva so I have to eat "wet/moist" food or food will stick in my throat and make me cough. I sip water with meals to help x

  • Hi I suffer with dry mouth you can get saliva pastilles off you Doctor they are not bad I to sip a lot of water just speak to gp

    Carol ☺

  • Thanks for the replies. I have an appointment at the end of the month with my GP as I wanted to ask him about other things like balance, back pain and now this. It does seem like this is all fibro related but I like to be sure.

  • Good luck with your appointment Golder15

    I have very similar anxiety doesn't help me.


  • I don't know if it related to FM but I have the same problem.I have never thought of being die effect of FM but it's something I will think about. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.Peck🐤

  • Hi Golfer15

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have this problem, and I have on occasion suffered with this but not because of my Fibro. I can see that you have a GP appointment to discuss this and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I have had this a few times recently, don't know if it's due to fibromyalgia or if its the narrowing I have at spinal cord at C5c C6 C 7, it's horrible and it gives you a scare, then a sore throat after, it puts me off eating sometimes as I scared to eat a bit of steak Incase I have not chewed it enough to swallow

  • Yes I have the same problem C3 to C7 narrowing facet joint athritis and Fibro. Had it for a long time. Chips that I rarely eat and sometimes bread get stuck! Anxiety doesn't help.


  • Yes water too

  • Hi David I have a problem with my jaw called TMJ. This causes my muscles in my jaw to go into spasm which also causes me to have difficulty swallowing.

    I have a special mouth guard to wear at night from the dentist and have had ther apy at my local dental hospital. I also get back headaches and back and arm pain which I believe are linked.

    The only thing I can advise is to try and go on a soft diet for awhile which gives the jaw a break and will stop it spasming and put hot pack on your jaw and make appt with your dentist and ask them to ref to your local dental hospital

    hope this helps xxx

  • I also suffer with swallowing problems, sometimes even with water.

  • Yes water too x

  • I have in past good luck with your appointment let us know how you get on x.

  • Yes, I have a similar problem! I have to eat and drink carefully, and more slowly, to make sure each mouthful goes down properly. It's sometimes feels as though i have a lump in my throat, but I don't think I have really, as the feeling seems to occur most when I am feeling worried/anxious, overtired, or suffering from aches and pains - when I am feeling well, I am not aware of it then.

    I have got so used to being 'assaulted' randomly by various weird discomforts in my body from time to time, that I put them down to the extra sensitivity and susceptibility felt by many of us Fibro sufferers. Fibro seems to manifest itself in many other ways as well as the most usual symptoms. However, I would suggest you let your instincts guide you, and if the swallowing continues to be bothersome, probably best to get your doc to check it out.

    Wishing you get good treatment, and this is sent with all best wishes.

  • Hi I am the same you r not on your own or being silly, must b a fibro thing take care angela

  • I can choke on my own saliva; let alone food and fluids!

  • david when i was on seroxat for depression i kept on choking my eppiglottis seemed to work the wrong way round every time i had a cup of tea i was pouring it down my lungs? it turned out it was causing a condition called tardive dyskinesia . facial muscle twitching and throat musled wonky

    are you possible on something like an ssri ?

    im no on nothing but still do from time to time choke usually liquids

  • I have problems swallowing from time to time, I think it's thyroid related (I'm borderline hypo) GP just says it may be fibro related.

    Balance can be affected by Fibro, for some strange reason I find doorways a problem - always seem to be hitting the door frame or bang into the door handle. Mind you I also have TMJD (possibly Fibro connected) which can affect ears which in turn can affect balance as can the Cervical Spondylosis in my neck.

  • I have difficulty swallowing. Ive been to the dr, cos I have constant raised glands and sore throat. Please go see your GP it will be worth it in the end.

  • Ask for your thyroid function to be tested, and also B12 levels when you see your doctor. These might be a cause of the swallowing problem.

  • I have something similar, every now and then I feel as if there is something in my neck constricting things to the point I can't wear anything with a high neck line or even a necklace when suffering and I have to take my pills one at a time and chew my food more just to get it down.

    I've had all sorts of tests including thyroid which came back borderline (no treatment provided though) I'm also b12 deficient and don't absorb it so I'm on quarterly b12 injections for life.

    Hope you got sorted.

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