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Does anyone else have a problem with strange items in their shopping

This is happening to me more and more... I go shopping for the weekly shop with OH then it gets delivered by the store to our house... Now my problem is I look at the shelf ... See what I want if it's not heavy I pick it up and put it in the trolley, heavy things my oh gets... My problem ... Inbetween seeing the item I want and reaching out and taking it... Something obviously happens whether it's balance or my brain not sure which ... But I end up with the item NEXT to it and often don't notice till it arrives at home I look at it and think why have I got that when I wanted the item next to it.. I know it was next to it cos the items are usually right item wrong flavour something I hate.... This week it was stocking fillers went to buy fruit pastiles tubes ended up with pick and mix tubes.. It's soooo frustrating

VG x

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hi VG the only thing i notice when i get hojme is what i not put in or picked but what my hubby or daughter has put in !! no wander my shopping bills are like they are .

Shopping is a problem full stop as much as we want to do it when sat at home its getting there and yes if i had to do it i think omg i cnot reach that or carry that and feel a numpty!

holding onto the trolley get to check out ... checkout -would you like any help with your packing madam.. moi - yes please .... waiting and no help they think its a joke now a days if you say yes and it proves we dont look like we cannot manage hoh

I have ideas which i want to put to the supermarkets and i intend on doing it !

wish i had invention money because end of day you have to have a problem to make you want to do an invention so that it suits your needs lol

xxxxxxxx huggles cazzie xxxxxxx


I use the .com supermarkets for a big shop ... and mobility scooters for the little shops. I always forget something, don't say use a list because

a. I forget the list

b. I forget to put things on a list

Every now and again we get some very strange meals and often have back to front meals where pudding comes first.

VG - I think you must take a Gremlin shopping with you

Julie xx


Julie, I thought my OH looked shorter and furry... Thought it was blurred vision due to my meds... :) Fortunately I have a big supermarket 5 mins from my house by mobility scooter so I drive there potter round leaning on trolley and stick and they deliver it. That's why I take my OH he gets the heavy things and remembers what I forget....

VG x


I often find I have several bars of chocolate and a few pots of ice cream that I DEFINITELY didn't order - honest ;)

I do all my shopping online.It must be two years since I went into a supermarket. Lovely T*****s man always brings it in the kitchen and helps me to unpack. I honestly don't know how I would cope without them. Jane x


I find strange items too - but they are usually chocolate. I didn't want them honest(ish) I can't even blame anyone else. There isn't enough room in my cupboards so I suppose I'll have to force myself to eat them. xxx


Loving the idea of a meal where pudding comes first.... just imagine... "If you don't eat all your pudding then you don't get any mains..." Heaven!

Spirit x x x


Put myself off tuna like this. Instaed of picking up the fish in brine, I reached out for it in some godawful chilli or curried sauce instead. Didn't notice till it was on my plate looking/ reeking of something that the cat brought up.

Yes - I seem to do this a lot. Most recently got the glossy BB (blemish balm) instead of matt.



I do something similar with my speech. I'll have a word in my head, for instance if Im talking about cushions, I'll say "carpets" (or something) instead, a word beginning with the same letter. I know what i want to say, but it comes out of my mouth wrong. I dont even realise Ive done it coz i had the right word in my head, but somewhere between head and mouth, it gets jumbled.its not till someone says "what are you talking about??", that i know ive done it,lol. As for shopping, i spend hours in the supermarket coz even tho i take a list,i forget to pick things up and go round and round in circles till ive crossed it all off the list. Im exhausted when i get home !!


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