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Need to moan

Good morning all

I'm really sorry about this but I need to have a moan.

I'm feeling sorry for myself today. I woke with vertigo and nausea this morning at 6am. I took my anti sickness tablets, the vertigo has worn off but the nausea is lingering. I went to work hoping it would pass but it hasn't. So I have come home, and I intend to just rest today.

I actually feel pregnant even though it is impossible, I had a hysterectomy 17 years ago, my ovaries were left.I've put on over half a stone in the last 3 weeks and generally feel really uncomfortable. I'm taking pregabalin 100mg 3 times a day. My GP said weight gain is a side effect ( number 12 in a list of 50 +) and I need to be careful. I watch what I eat but it isn't helping.

That's me done, I'm off to wrap up in my favourite big cardi, put my feet up and watch daytime tv.

Thanks for letting me moan xxx

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We all need to moan! I am at work today feeling not so good and I wish I was at home wrapped up in a big cardi watching daytime TV. Enjoy the day and have a rest! Hope you feel a bit better soon x


i don't mean to be rude but i have no idea how young you are but could it be menopausal symptoms ? GP can do bloodtest, i ahve put weight on since mine started despite eating less now ,warm hugs x J


Hello there Deebee, so sorry to hear how you are feeling today! Irisjoy made an important point above, could you be perimenopausal because nausea is common with this stage of the menopause, also weight gain and water retention making you feel bloated.

If it isn't the start of the menopause, it could be side effects of your meds. Those symptoms again point to this.

I personally would advise that you go back to your GP when you can to fully discuss your symptoms and mention the two above things and the likelihood of it being one of them maybe.

I hope you feel better soon and please don't worry at all about moaning, we all need to sometimes living with Fibro and all the joys it brings. We are all here for you, we all understand. Please let us know how you get on regarding your GP, meds etc.

Take care, here's a hug for you from me ((( hug ))) :)


I never even thought about the menopause but that would make sense. I'm 47, all previous blood screens have come back with my hormones being all in line. It's a while since I had a hormone screen.

Thank you for the advice.

I am back at work today, I felt better for resting and wrapping up in my big cardi but that won't pay the bills.

Hugs :)


I love a good moan if I can get away with it. ike you I have awful vertigo and nausea(caused by Menieres) and yes it does feel like being pregnant some days. And like you I had a hysto and they left the ovaries behind, bit stupid really as I have PCOS so they should have really gone the whole hog. I have just started with a splitting headache and I think it is going toturn to a migraine. I tried the cosy cardi bit before but I got too hot and then felt worse. And your latest reply, I too am 47 and just been told I have started the menopause but my hormones levels were 'through the roof' as GP put it. Have you had hearing test lately, might be the cause of your vertigo and nausea. I am on SERC for that now, a drug specific for menieres. xxxxx


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