Back pain

I tend to get the bulk of my pain in my back. Right now I feel like the part of my spine between my shoulderblades is being wrenched out... Walking and standing, my lower back gets so painful that it brings on nausea. To top it off, Lucifer and his minions love to play with my voo doo doll. It feels like I'm being whipped with bunches of stinging nettles, somtimes like a 2 x 4 is being whacked across my upper back..... That's without the muscle spasms, cramps etc. What's so sad, is that this is just my back...... But mentioning the rest of my body and migraines.

For Christmas I would like a cure for us.

Sorry for the moan....

Extremely soft hugggggggzzzzzzz to all who are in need.

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  • But should read Not

  • Hi HUn- some days I feel like this- sitting at the pc can bring it on, its the muscle tips where they meet your rib bones, you need to get some exercise from a physio to help you, I go under the power shower and let the warm water rush on the affected area, once a week I have hydrotherapy and this helps me stretch ALL the muscle area that aches and hurts.. Have you any meds for pain and fibro at present?

  • No pain relief at mo. Seeing pain consultant on Monday. Try swimming and sauna, but haven't been for a while as IBS has been bad.

    Thank you

  • I did find cold water swimming a nightmare as I cannot stand the cold. When you see pain cons. ask about possibility of hydrotherapy, its like a warm bath and its for exercise with a specialist physio-no swimming.. as for the pain at present, over the counter neurofen with paracetamol - ask pharmacist for help they will discuss your condition, take your blood pressure (like going the docs nowadays) and help you out with a balance until you see a specialist..Good luck hun don't. suffer there,s no need to nowadays..

  • The pool I go to is heated. Sauna helps loads. Hydrotherapy pool to far away. Been on loads of different meds. The last thing I was offered was liquid morphine. I said no. So only pain relief migraine meds, paracetamol and cuprophen. Going to ask about LDN.

  • Excuse my ignorance! What is LDN? Lu xx

  • Low Dose Naltrexone

  • At the moment whilst I,m on the pc I have a warm water bottle shoved up the back of my bra and the heat is soothing the aching ribs. I,ve also got a TENS machine that I use on neck, tops of arms and lower back, it means I can get on with something of a day whilst these gadgets do their work... I had a B12 injection recently which has lifted fatigue very well.. I too have tried numerous pain relievers but with too many side effects, pains a horrible thng to control, I hope you pain clinic help you, in years gone by I had ankylosing spondylitis and I used to go to pain clinic for steroid injections, they used an image intensifier like am xray which blows up the area 10 fold so that the injection is 99.9% prescise to the point of pain, I hope there is something similar around today so that you get relief soon.

  • I also have spondilosis and curvature if the spine. I'm no longer able to work. I have Heatpad against my back as I sit in my rising recliner. I'm very sorry that you are suffering too. Extremely soft hugggggggzzzzzzz

  • Hi St_Bridie

    Have you been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? If so, did your Rheumatologist not prescribe you with any medication to help with your pain?

    I experience most of my pain in the same places as you.

    If you were offered Oramorph, were you not offered something not quite so strong? Taken sparingly Oramorph is a very good pain killer but can make you feel quite drowsy until you are used to it.

    There are lots of medications that you can try. Have you tried anything yet?

    Lu xx

  • Yes, Dr's believe have been suffering since birth. They started me on Tramadol then amitriptaline, then gabapentin, then pregabalin, neproxine, nortripaline, bu trans patches, morphine tablets, lyrica, cymbalta. I either had bad reactions, or they just stopped working.

  • Nothing is working for me either I was taking morphine but caused itching so had to stop now back to square one no meds...seeing Dr Monday ..see what they can suggest ...

  • Good luck.

  • Hi, sorry to hear you are suffering too. It seems quite a few us are, I dont know if the cold weather makes things worse.

    I get a lot of lower back pain. It gets worse if I stand a while in one place. A friend mentioned she has a perching stool, which I might have to look into. One of the worse times is stood in the kitchen.

    Take care


  • Thank you

  • I agree David, just standing in one place stirring the gravy gives me muscle spasms and I have to lean forward just to ease the ache in the lumber region.

    Fibro is nasty and creeps along, catching you unawares with a new symptom. I don't remember having all of these pains everywhere when I had my diagnosis.

    Head and neck pain today just for a change!

    I wish they would hurry up with a cure.

  • Extremely soft hugggggggzzzzzzz

  • Is back pain associated with fibromyalgia? I have fibromyalgia but haven't had much if any info on the illness ..

  • Have a look on our mother site for a wealth of information on Fibromyalgia

    Lu x


  • Yes. It affects your muscles, and nerves. I suggest you do Your Own research, google is excellent.

  • I have the same problem on my lower back I have been to pain clinic and now waiting to have six injections in lower back 3 either side try having a back support on it can help it helps me

  • Had accupunture, helped a little, ten's was rubbish for me.

  • Hi St_Bridie

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you. Seeing pain consultant on Monday.

    Extremely soft hugggggggzzzzzzz

  • I sincerely hope that it went well for you today? Sorry I have been offline poorly for the last couple of days.

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