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I'm Confused, what should I do?

Hi, haven't been here or a month, as I've been visiting family in the USA, please bare with me, I may repeat myself, as I am full to the max with meds, got brain fog, and jet lag. Here goes ,I would like your, opinions, advice, I know it will be my resonsibility and my final descision that I will make........In August , I was switched from IB to ESA, I had my medical, and the brown enverlope came, saying that I had got ESA, whoopy I thought .....then 3 weeks later I was called into the job center, I didn't relise that I was on the job programe, they have deamed me fit for work, and I have till july 2013 then my ESA stops......Now, I phoned a local welfare officer and was told, these were my options, becasue I am late in appealing, they may not review my appeal, also if they did, they may take my trip to America into consideration, saying if I can fly and stay in the USA for a month then I am cabable for work, they would not take into consideration that the flights just about killed me I was in so much pain, and I am stuffed to the rafters with medication, including Diazapam and Zopiclone......I signed to do a floristary course at my local collage, but it is an 45 min drive both ways, and am not sure if I will be able to do it,......it was just the woman in the job centre was pushing me to do it, so I could be another statistic.....Anyway to the opinions and/or advice...........should I still go for the appeal, would I loose my ESA straight away, even though I have been to America.....or should I leave it....and hope that by July .....the goverment will have a heart and do a U turn on the ESA....... Thank you Netta

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Hell hard one, i would get advise from CAB or your doctor, i would jump throught heir hoops and soon they would realise they are wrong but i really don't know honey.


I hope you get the help you need soon xxxx


"Now, I phoned a local welfare officer and was told,. . . , they may take my trip to America into consideration, saying if I can fly and stay in the USA for a month then I am cabable for work"

Don't they just love making assumptions! For goodness sake it was a one off event, it's hardly as though you walked all the way there!!!

Get some notes together of hope you coped on the journey there, how long it took you to get over the flight once you arrived. Were you staying with family who were able to look after you? What you did when you were there and how it affected you on a day to day basis (ie recovery times, assistance you needed from family members) then ditto on the return trip.

When will it sink into the collective DWP brain (if they have one) that just because someone can do something as a one off doesn't mean that they can keep doing it on a regular daily/weekly/monthly basis!

Definitely take some advice from CAB and make sure your GP knows how you are suffering from the effects of your trip.


Thanks Rachi and Linda, The flight was a nightmare, I took more diazapan thanI should or the spasms I took 6mg instead of the 2, also took far to much codine, I wasin bed 2 days once I got there, the fight back was worse, as we had a long wait in the airport by the time our flight was due I couldn't walk I was in so much pain, and I just wanted to cry, but just couldn't cos of pain, again 6mg of diazapam and codine, more than I would, and wanted to take, I arrive home friday...slept all friday night, all saturday, and I feel awful today Sunday....Thanks for your support I will go to my cab tomorrow ...see what they say.


Im sure everyone else on here is as disgusted as me at the shoddy treatment those with fibro are subjected too in order to prove that their illness severely impedes their lives. I am so sorry to hear that you must like so many of us jump through hoops nd plough through red tape to prove your self. The best advice I can offer is to speak to your local citizens advice who are equiped with knowledge and expertise in this area. I wish you every success in what ever course of action you decide to embark on

Cheers Dixie x


yes i agree go to cab and also nearer the time for your course to start if you dont feel well enough dont go see your doctor and tell him your not well enough to attend and maybe you will prove to them you need to go in the support group get a doctor letter for the proof to, good luckxxxx


Every good wish ~ I hope that you manage to sort something out with the CAB, they have been so very helpful and supportive to me & I'm sure will be for you too.



email the CAB and ask for an app't.

get letters of support from gp and consultants - ask them to send them to you for your appeal pack [make copies] .

ask admin for the benefit and works info.

don't panic,

good luck.



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