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what should/could I do?

I had two appeals for DLA rejected, the third one was on the basis of the ATOS (I wonder what TOS could stand for), I digress. The ATOS Dr was rubbish and well we all know what happens there.

I tried to find someone at the CAB to help me, the Disability Law Service, Welfare Benefits, DIAL and even the local disability service. NO ONE WOULD HELP funding, funding, funding, no trained people...

I decided that due to time I could not appeal to the higher tier appeals.

I got a letter on Thursday re PIP. Should I start my claim again? What are thoughts from ANYONE? My disability has changed for the worse since 2010 when I first put my claim in.

I know I will at least get one person support from here if not 100 people, this site is a god send.


Oh and have a good Mothers day. My mum died in 1985.

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Hi Tibby I got a letter two on Thursday and I reckon we have a go we have to dont we , I think there is no choice but to put our faith in and hope I am glad ATOs has gone .

We are lucky on this site as Mdaisy is a brilliant person very knowledgeable and tremendously helpful. She can be found at she is also the administrator for this site.

I hope you have found a good welcome on our site and do feel free to join in when ever you like.

We are all a bit bonkers but laughter takes through the bad days.

I send blessings to your Mum and thanks to you for being envolved.



Hi there Tibby :)

I personally think you should pursue what you are entitled to and here are a couple of links that can give you information regarding benefits.

This first one is from our mother site which gins has already given you the link for and

Also our FAQ by Mdaisy - Benefits & Work 'Self Tests' for ESA & PIP

I also recommend this link takes you directly to the benefits section of the site :)

It is crucial that you call an advocacy service straight away in order to try and get help. I know that this didn't happen before but with your claim for pip it would be useful for someone else to fill the form in on your behalf.

Please don't be afraid to ask any questions someone will have an answer as many of us are going through form filling :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


My gp told me to put in a change of circumstance to try and get a higher rate of care I rang dwp to do this to be told I will now have to go through pip in my area so I took the plunge and decided I would start a claim for pip as I might as well as by end of 2015 most of my area will have to change to pip I thought I may as well start plunging through it now forms arrived on Thursday so will take my time to fill it in or get my assistant to do so good luck x


Hi Tibby3a

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you have been left with this stress and anxiety with your benefit claim, but I genuinely believe that you should continue to pursue this with everything that you have in your tank!

I can see that you have been given quite a few really useful links and I would start with those and carry on, as I genuinely believe that all Fibro sufferers should get a disability benefit.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x



I also had 2 DLA claims dismissed.

I decided I just couldn't face going through tribunals etc anymore as it made me ill.

But I remembered the person I was before this rotten illness and I will never give up.

I have recently filled in the PIP forms and here I go again.

I haven't heard anything but I believe they are so far behind it takes ages.

Anyway my message to you is don't give up,I know its hard.

But that's what the DWP want us to do and give in.

So please please please go for it.


Sorry Tibby , ATOS is going , they aren't going while the end of the year , so they are in place to do more damage ,what annoys me is we blame ATOS which is right to , but this government gave instructions , I didn't realise they were in place under Labour , but you heard nothing like this , but Labour as said the first thing they will do if they get back in is abolish the bedroom tax , nothing about the thousands of benefit claimants wrongly assessed as fit for work , I have wrote to Nigel Farage to ask him his policy , as I don't trust the other three , especially when Clegg is shouting for a fair society , who for , not for the disabled .


Hi Tibby

I think you should start another claim as you should get what you are entitled to. so my feeling is go for it, you know what help you need and who will help you so if you have to pay for some things yjen you should get that help.

There has been so much said about ATOS that I do not think they are relevant now,

Take care and kindest regards



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