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What rate should i be getting for my ESA (work group) see below for additional info

Prior to my medical last August i was getting ESA workgroup based but i was getting 159 a week this was due to transition from being paid Incapacity topped up with income support and even though my dla rate went down from mid rate care to low rate i was still getting the esa at 159 and my support worker phoned to make sure it was correct and the confirmed it was. But when i lost my medical i was put on the appeal rate of 71 per week, i have after a year of waiting just won my appeal and have been put back on ESA work group based, i phoned jobcentre who said my rate will go back to what it was before i lost it ie 159pw, but my support worker says it will be a fresh case so i will get the usual ESA workgroup rate which i believe is 100 ish a week, can anyone clarify what i should be getting i am very confused and dont know who is right and wrong. Thanks everyone

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I too am in the WRAG and I get in the region of £100 per week, if you contact info@fibroaction.com you will be able to get better information than I can give.

Hope that helps a bit, others too may have ideas which may help.

Foggy x


Silly me that should have been info@fibroaction.org. not .com....... Lalala

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How much ?

£159 a week seems an awful lot of money - how come its that much ? - I only get ESA contribution based £105 per week


How do you qualify for income support ? I can't get it ?

Something doesn't seem quite right to me - I'm totally confused by all this :-(

Can anyone explain it please ?


I have just been moved from contribution based ESA to income based. I too get £159 a week. However, this includes a 'top up' as I live alone and have disabilities. You should look into why you don't get this amount! XX


Before ESA came out i used to get long term incapacity topped up with income support, then ESA came out i had my medical assesment and went onto the WRAG group of ESA and because i am also getting dla theres a premium on top and its something to do with transition from one benefit to the other thats why i got the 159 a week i think 59 of it was the premium due to dla. I dont understand it myself but the benfits advisor at the jobcentre said i should go back to the rate i was on previously before i failed my medical assesment, after my DLA was reduced from mid rate to low rate last June my ESA rate stayed the same my welfare rights advisor phoned them and wrote to them to make sure they were correct because low rate care doesnt warrant the disability premium i was previously getting, they just said it was to do with the transition from Incapacity to ESA. So i am as lost as anybody with all this, i think i will just wait to see what the letter says as its be known in the past for advisors to say one thing and do another. Thanks people for your kind help. xx


I was on work related ESA and could only claim for a year then I got nothing so best of luck


I also live alone and was on highest rate of Long Term

incapacity Benefit, I am

On contribution based ESA in support group and get £221 every 2 weeks, which works out exactly the same as my previous Incapacity Benefit. I tried several times to get Income Support but was always told my incap was too high. I get low rate care and high rate mobility, which is used for my hand control Motability car. But DLA. Is never included in means testing calculations, as it is to assist or get equipment for disability or to make things easier, though obviously you don't have to use it got that. I get 70% housing benefit because I rent from a private landlord and only get my prescriptions free because I have to apply every year and qualify for HC2 full help, because I am classed as being on low income. I realise everyone's case is different but don't understand how differences can be so high very confused not that it takes much these days lol

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Totally agree with everything you say / I'm as confused as you are :-(

Take care


I'm going to apply for the HC2 / thanks for the info on that :-)


Thanks to all who've tried to explain the "system" to me :-)

I'm "none the wiser" to be honest

I live alone too : I get low care dla and high mobility - Why the huge difference in amounts ?

It certainly doesn't seem fair in my opinion, that foggy and i only get £105 a week whilst others get as much as £159 - I guess it must be the level of "disability" that decides if you're entitled to a "disability premium" or not !!

Ah well - it could be worse :-)

Hope everyone is having a good evening :-)


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