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Do i Qualify for sickness benefit

Hi i am new to this, and wanderd if i am entitled to sickness benefit, I have been on sickness benefit for 3 yr but just recently had a work assessment and the assessor declared me fit for work?? i am in constant pain cannot stand or sit fo long periods.cant raise my arms and my legs are useless. I have however been under the doctor for suspected fibro and this was confirmed 2 weeks ago, i told the assessor i was being treated for it and she didnt bat an eyelid however, i have got an appeal going on about my sick benefit and until its through am on basic esa. Will this be taken into consideration at my appeal

Thanks to all that read this and hope i havent bored you :)) Dee xx

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i would think u would still be entitled to apply for dla.... that is different from sickness benefit and its used for help for getting around... would phone up the benefit agency and get them to send u a form for appying for dla... when u get the form... ask me again and i will try and help u fill it in... x


hi i agree with diane i cant ee why you cant claim for dla so go for it we must get as much as we can to help us love to you diddle x


I would go see cab or check out the goverment web page about benifits as no one can tell you really ... however worth trying .. gentle dyslexic hugs


Thankyou all for your replies, I think i might take the cab route to start and take it from there. I will keep you up to date,

Thanks again, Love to u all xxxx


I just want to thank one and all again for their help, i have learnt more from here in the past 24 hours than i have from anywhere. So thankyou Soooooo much.

I hope you all have a pain free or if not comfortable day

Love to all

Dee xxx


hi Dee,welcome to our liitle community. I was on long term sickness benefit with Fibro and depression (now arthritis and high BP too)since 2006.Diagnosed with Fibro in 96. then the change over happened and i was on ESA,had my medical,failed that (under the rules they go by now), so Ive appealed the decision.that was last Oct/Nov.Im still waiting to hear about that.Meanwhile,just about existing on £67.50 a wk ESA.My benefit has dropped £25 a wk since Income Suppot. Theres no justice... But good luck


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