ESA.....I need help to write to my MP

Hi I have just found that I have been in the work related support group and that my ESA that I have been trasfered to from IB in April, will stop 27th July 2013. Even though they know I am not fit for work and no employer in their right mind would employ me.

I went to my work related interview and the lady told me I would loose my benifit in a year, I cried, she also they are changing DLA to PIP and even though I have been awarded it indefinately, they can still take it away from me, after a fight of 2 years to get it......

.If they take my DLA I might as well just take all of my medication and be done with it

........I didn't relise that I had been put into this work related support group till I saw the disability advisor at my local job center, so now I am late in appealing.

Also I phone my local welfare oficer and he said I could still appeal, however, I may loose my award altogether, and that would be a risk I have to think about, because I am going to the States to visit family in September for a month, and they would view that if I can fly and travel that far and stay for a month then I could find employment, even though I have a care plan put in place for myself both flying and while staying with my family.

What I need help with is, I plan to write to my MP and hope to see him at one of his surgeries, even if I don't benifit from it, I don't want anyone to go through this, as it is not fair and is so crule, as it is not bad enough haven't to come to term with Fibro, and what it takes away from you, the goverment have to kick us even more, and when we can be very vulnerable at times.

So what I would like from you is How should I start my letter, what should I put in and what should I keep out,

Thank You


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  • Well personally if I was writing the letter I would include everything. How fibro effects you and why it would be impossible to work. Why you shouldn't have to explain or justify taking a trip to see your family and how long it will tkae you to recover from it and then exactly why this new system of diddling the disabled is just plain wrong.

    I would also say that treating disabled people like this is not what I would call humaine or pregressive. Big society my backside. Just a few idears for you I could go on. Good luck xx

  • good luck netta this is all wrong xx

  • I've thought of writing to my MP, but it is Aidan Burley - Nazi stag party attending, big mouthed, chinless wonder, buffoon of the Conservative party so I don't think his advice or support would be worth diddley-squat!

    Julie xx

  • Hi Julie My MP is guy opperman he's conservative to, so not hoping for much done, but I think nothing ventured nothing gained

  • Julie, sorry but that did make me chuckle !

    Netta , I write to my MP regularly ( in fact I just had a reply from him today ) . I'd say put it all there in all the gory detail. I think it does them good to have to read about how their policies affect us.

    My MP is a Tory , but to be fair he does try to help , however I'm a bit miffed with his latest reply because he thinks I'm becoming " over anxious " about the DWP . Damn right I am , because I've had plenty of dealings with them and he obviously hasn't had cause to .

    I shall be replying over the weekend and will be leaving him in no doubt as to just why I am so " over anxious " about the DWP...



  • :-) yes I am very anxious about DLA if it wasn't for Dla and the motorbility scheme that would be my little bit of indepenance gone. Then my trip to Tesco will most definatly be the highlight of my day, which it is when I am in a flare

  • I found this info from the Citizen's Advice Bureau, I hope it's useful to you Netta -

  • Thank you Liberty This is very useful x

  • netta, you and i are definately in the same boat,even stevie wonder would know i wasn't fit to work, i have after waiting almost a year,just been told at my horrible tribunal that i am to stay in the wrag grup as opposed to the support group,i am or rather my partner is going to write to our local m.p and attend one of his surgeries,i am like you at my b****y wits end, a lady at my job centre also suggested going to citizens advice but if you want a appoint you may end up waiting a few weeks so do that ,if not you may have to hang about ages in a drop in session,it is a nightmare so i can appreciate what you are going through,we are also going to send a letter to the minister of health and b***y david cameron (even though he probably won't read it) do the same

    as if it isn't enough to have this dreaded illness

    they told me at the tribunal that they didn't feel that my mobility was quite bad enough ,nearly but not quite,i can walk a bit ,not much so i was in a wheelchair that has to be manually pushed, how mad is that,so like me you are probably confused angry and very tearful and it isn't fair

  • I can totaly understand what you are saying, I will write my own letter , however it will be a slow process as it will be over the next few days as I can only sit and concentrate for a short time, and taking the Fog into consideration...when you know what to say then forget what it was .....Are you writing David Cameron I am going to write to David Camorron xxx This goverment are just a bunch of crule bullies who target the vulenerable, Who can't see further than their priviledge lives.....and rely on the media peception of people who claim benefit then tar us with the same brush.....I am confused angry and frightened

  • If you are on Facebook have a look at Keith Ordinary Guy. He is an inspirational chap who writes a letter every day to David Cameron, and the ignorant PM has never once had the good manners to reply!


  • libertyz, that citizens advice link was very helpful ,i think you should definately look at that netta,it gives you a great idea on writing a letter to your m.p,cheers libertyz!

  • I think you will find that going to the States is likely to go against you for ESA, me going to the supermarket once a week went against me and they said if I hd done that I could work. I last flew 5 years ago and it nearly killed me then and my condition is many times worse now than it was then, I could not go on holiday now. Good luck with your letter writing !!

  • We had to stop every 40 or 50 minutes just taking the caravan to Dorset, I'd need a toilet break, a coffee break, a wriggle and wiggle break, often all 3 at the same time! Even then I got swollen ankles! At least on a plane you can move around the aisles a bit. I say go but mention the special steps you have to take to make the journey possible. What goes against you is how far you can move yourself whether walking with or without sticks or in a manual, self-propelled, wheelchair. Unless you can show that besides the walking you have problems to stop you using a manual wheel chair you loose the points. Many Fibromyalgia suffers have problems with their shoulders and could no way self-propel for 50 metres let alone 200metres .... but unless you tell them they will assume you are fine and dandy and not give you the points!!!

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