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Have I made a BIG mistake??

Hi all. I was tranferred from incapacity benefit to contributions based ESA in February following 20 years of disability (mostly fibro related). I was placed in the WRAG group without having to attend a medical. Initially I appealed to be considered for the support group but I got a phone call from a DWP advisor who basically told me I was wasting my time as you had to be terminally ill or basically a cabbage to qualify for the support group. From reading info on here that would not appear true. I cannot afford to lose that amount of income after 365 days. I doubt any of us could. I have until 12th May to re instate my appeal and would be glad of any opinions or advice from you guys. I would love to go back to work but my body won't respect that!!

Have I made a big mistake and do you think I should re instate the appeal??

Thank you x

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Hi Tiggy,

You go girl! Of course you should appeal. There is a benefit culture of a different kind going on at DWP - it is alleged that large bonuses are paid to those who manage to persuade claimants not to apply.

ATOS definitely get substantial payments for every claimant that they 'boot out' of the system! It's not right, and if everyone fights back, there might be a change for better!

Best of luck - shall be thinking of you!

Moffy x


Appeal and if you don't win, appeal to 2nd tier tribunal, keep appealing until you get to the ECHR if needs be.



What a load of rubbish, I am in the support group and am no cabbage I assure you. When even the DWP employees don't know their own rules it makes you despair.

It's definitely worth appealing, have you asked admin for the Benefits and Work free help sheets, I joined the site and it was worth every penny. It definitely helped me I am sure. There is also plenty of free info available online to help with your appeal. If I can help let me know.


Absolutely ,, they will say anything on phone to you. If you have already had help you stand a good chance. X


Wow, would you consider emailing your MP to let them know that the DWP called you up to put you off from appealing? That's awful!

Here is some information on Benefits & Fibro:


appeal! appeal! appeal!

use the benefit & works info, it helped me.

that's an awful thing to say about the support group! and very ignorant.



Appeal ask for a reconsideration, I won not dying or a cabbage really unwell, got a good gp gathered together letters from him and information regarding my conditions and won.....only for a year but then I will fight them again and again. Good luck dont give up even when you feel you cant take any more it took me ages but at least I havent got to think about them for awhile xxx Karen xxx


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I am trying to investigate what's going on as I am concerned that the DWP/ATOS may now be purposefully using tactics, including giving out inaccurate/untrue information, to reduce the number of disability benefit applicants, regardless of eligibility or need.



Absolute rubbish for the advisor to say that is extremely naughty. You MUST appeal via a GL24 stating your reasons why you disagree then follow the appeal up with extensive medical evidence and a submission as to why you feel you should be in the Support Group.


Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

My Benefit Claim


Wow! How stupid do I feel....being so gullible to be swayed by the "advisor" on the phone!!

I did initially appeal but withdrew it having recieved her phone call. I am within the month time frame where I can ask for the process to be reinstated. I am going to try to speak with my GP and ask him for his support by way of letter etc.

Thank you SO much everyone. I do not normally go down without a fight but on this occasion I thought I was genuinely claiming under different criteria and thus not worthy. I will be back for all the advice I can get from you all.


I think we'd all be made to feel inadequate Mrs T!! The way we are treated and spoken to by these professionals, and I use the term lightly, is abominable!! We just want to be treated fairly and with compassion, not ridiculed and patronised. My contribution based ESA ends in September and I'm terrified at what I might have to face. I've already contacted my welfare rights lady to see what she says. Why are we made to feel frightened about these things eh??? XX


Well, that's all done!! Phoned tribunal service and requested my appeal be reinstated. Was instructed to put the rquest in writing, so I did and posted it immediately. Really nervous about the tribunal but will report back with outcome.


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