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A right ole mix up

A right ole mix up

First we had the migraines, that just made me sad

Then there was the fibro, now that was really bad

And as the years went by I added more onto my list

So many illnesses later I think you get the jist.

My old GP saddled me with heartburn and indigestion

And I got myself a new GP and a very good suggestion

He said I need the camera down, he'd do that job for me

I'd then know what the problem was and meds would set me free.

First he found the ulcers, stomach and duodenal

I am glad he could not see what was going on in renal

He said I had the scarring and it had been going on for years

And I was at risk of stomach cancer, that brought on the tears.

And just for good measure, He said I had a Hiatus Hernia

And knowing how painful that can be, aint it enough to turn ya

So adding that to IBS, and scarring in the throat

I wondered how many others where sailing in my boat.

And one day I awoke, with pain and ruddy swelling too

In my foot, I cried out loud, it was turning blue

Bloods tests done and results are in, meaning I had to go out

He said no doubt about Lin, I'm afraid you do have gout.

And then things, they got worse, my toes turned black and split

My hubby took a look at them and said ' oh god, oh no, oh s**t'

So off I went to try and get my feet sorted and repaired

And you'll never guess what she said, I feared what I had heard.

Your foot pulses aren't working, and it's because you smoke

And because of this I warn you now you are at risk of a stroke

It does not matter if you stop, it may help but it can't be reversed

So now due to smoking all those fags, again my life is cursed.

And then as a smoker, I needed my breathlessness resolved

To get it sorted out and see the score a few scans would be involved

I built up all my hopes that things would be okay, not ready for a shock

COPD & Emphysema, too late as my lungs really are all to cock.

Osteoarthritis in the upper spine, no movement in the bottom

No wonder some days I sit and cry, oh boy do I feel rotten

And now my eyes are failing, I find it's very hard to see

Plus menieres disease joined the ark to really harrass me.

And how would I love a day where I am free from pain

But I know that it will never be, that day won't come again.

So there are no meds to set me free, the ulcers won't allow it

And patches don't stay on my skin, so in pain I have to sit

And then we have the menopause to throw into the pot

And when I sit and think of it I have the flippin' lot.

My balance is out of sync, there is nothing they can do

They're trying me on SERC for that, but that just leaves me blue

So who needs to wallow and feel sorry for herself, I guess that would be ME

I feel for those with illnesses but come on I do have more than three.

If I had just the one problem, then I think that maybe I could cope

But having a whole bunch of them makes me lose all hope

So now I have stopped smoking, my only pain respite

And now I sit and curse my health well into the night.

I am not looking for pity, we have been dealt our hand of cards

But when they dealt the illnesses they went the whole nine yards

I am happy for the life I have and will do my very best

To cope with fibro on its own and forget about the rest.

There are people out there we know who have it worse than me

And the fact I often mope for me is an embarrassment to see

So here I am sitting and feeling really proud of who I am inside

And tell myself in honesty, the illnesses are only along for the ride.

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Ohh Ozzy, how on earth do you write these beautiful poems, they are straight from the heart and have me choking back the tears xxx


I just sit and wrtie lol, I do not have to think about it for some odd reason. Not boasting but it about the only thing I can do compared to what I used to be able to do. Gotta go now as I need to go use inhalers, bit wheezy today xxxxx


Incredibly moving and incredibly brilliant! Amazing talent, so real, so full of emotion, felt quite weepy with that one but it didn't detract from me thinking how incredibly clever you are Ozzy. Bless you. ((( hug )))


Don't feel weepy hun, I tend to make light of things xxxxxx


Loved the flow, rhyme, and imagery. It's so real. Oh have a cuddle!


Really was moving and you are absolutely amazing.....not surprised there are times it all gets too much but I hope these brilliant poems help you cos they cwertainly mean a lot to us.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow and keep on writing. Definitely need to get all your work together and see about getting it's brilliant stuff :) x


as someone who has 26 different conditions ranging from minor to 6 major and all points in between i can empathize (is that the right word?) with you and your poem. i too got very down last year. in a right royal mental mess. my doc wanted to prescribe antidepressants but i refused them. i am scared of them after what they did to a friend of mine. we almost got killed when she dropped asleep at the wheel of her car one day up on the Yorkshire moors, i didn't know it then but later discovered she was on triple dose of em.i elected to have CBT instead and the woman,Jill, was a miracle worker in my eyes. didn't seem to do anything but get me talking but whatever it was i now rarely get down and when i do its only for a few hours.2-4 at most. im on here to learn more about fibro as my son has it. but its one thing i don't coping with multiple conditions PLUS fibro must really be horrendous. well done with that poem and all your others and enazena is right. you should try and get them published. xx


To you all, you are so wonderful, and you really do brighten my day with your replies and support. I am looking into getting published, but it all seems so intricate, but I will strive on lol xxxxx :)


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