A little something for a horrible Monday !

A very overweight lady goes to see the Dr in despair having tried every diet going (reminds me of me)

Oh Doc she says please help me I just cannot lose weight and I am at the end of my tether.

Well the doc says we have just had a new diet come on the market but it is still in the trial period.

Oh Doc she says please let me try I will accept any problems that arise from taking the medication.

Ok says the doc and he goes out and comes back and gives her a huge bag of sugar lumps.

Do not be alarmed he says this is different in that you substitute every meal for 3 sugar lumps and you put the sugar lumps up your bottom !!!. A little perplexed but willing to try anything she leaves and returns 3 months later a very svelte 7 stone.

Oh says the doctor I see it worked. Yes she says but I do have one side effect Oh really said the doc what is that ? Well she said every time I break wind I get candy floss in my knickers !!!

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  • :P

  • Sure is smelling sweet :) xx

  • he! he! Love it thanks for sharing :)

  • That's put me off candyfloss. thanks for the giggle. Joolz.x

  • Lol

  • boom boom

  • Lol cheered me up😀😀xxx

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