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What a F*****g rip off!!

Hi all, well bit by bit it is official I am turning into Catherine Tates " Nan" character!!! Worrying at only 52 years old!!

My winge of the day here goes, I had two lots of surgery that didn't help a problem I had and also wrongly diagnosed ( long story!!!) anyway based on what I was told and thinking I could manage to sit instead of standing a bit , or laying down , thinking a miracle was going to be performed so I could actually sit for a while me and my man booked a short flight to Spain

Things did not work out through the NHS and so we have had to cancel our holiday, now if it isn't bad enough that I am in terrible pain with what now seems like something called pudendal nerve entrapment ( I was told it was a chronic fissure , didn't believe the first specialist paid private to see a different specialist who examined me under a general anethetic and said no you don't have a chronic fissure)!!! Oh so I was right then I felt like saying

Anyway long story short , took a form to the g.p so we can at least claim some money back off the insurance, rang the surgery today about it and I can go and pick it up , guess how much they charge?? £30.00!!!

£30.00 as Catherine Tates Nan character would say what a f*****g Liberty , what a joke!!!

What have they written it on gold paper with gold pen!!

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my surgery also has an ominous new notice with charges on it!!........I was dismayed to see the list of charges....:-(

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I should charge them for using me for a Guinea pig for 16 years, I would get a fortune!!!

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Yeah it's a pain but that's a slot the doctor has to use to fill it out instead of seeing a patient.

Flip reverse it...

You call surgery for appointment ...

Sorry , the doctor can't see you because he is filling out forms for people to claim back insurance money.

I completely understand and hear your frustration..

But the doctor will have hundreds of patients and therefore the form will take roughly 30-45 minutes to do as he has to check your file and go through things to get the correct wording to help.

I know this as I asked my cousin who is a GP

Annoying, but bow you react to your surgery is noted and shared amongst the staff so don't kick off over it :)


Oh I wouldn't kick off over it , just a bit of a shock to the system!! I was expecting £20.00 tops , I only live in a little village not in the heart of London!!!


I'm sitting on the fence with this one, I can see both points of view.

It is not only the cost of the letter, it is the excess on the insurance you have to pay too.

What a shame you were unable to go, a bit of warm sunshine really does boost the system.

Have they told you what can be done for your nerve entrapment? It certainly sounds a very painful condition. Thank goodness your GP was open to a second opinion, even if you did have to pay, you at least now know what is wrong.

Hope you get everything sorted.


Hi electricjaws

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you missed your holiday and then had to pay out £30 to the doctors! There is another slant or take to this. As your GP got it wrong! And therefore you could make a complaint to PALS? If you were b****y minded enough?

All my hopes and dreams for you



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