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Food Glorious Food!

Has anybody on here cut out certain foods in order to stop making their symptoms worse?

I find I have to eat small meals regularly. I have cut out caffeine, most dairy products, anything with aspartame in it, or in other words processed foods with additives and colouring etc in.

I am a foodie and the thought of having to constantly keep an eye on what I eat can be boring to say the least! Has anyone any suggestions i.e. what to try/take or is a no no!

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They do recommend eating little and often for everyone now rather than three big meals, it's better for blood sugar levels. I have a poor appetite so it suits me fine, and I find I don't have a weight problem when eating like this :-)


Thanks for that!


I only have one cup of coffee in the morning then it's plain bottled water or organic squash... No sweetners or artificial flavourings ... Hasn't helped my fibro but has helped my ibs deffinately

VG x


I went to a Chinese Herbalist a few years ago because I was frustrated with the doc just giving me plain ole' pain killers for my backache. She put me on a very strict detox diet. I felt alot better after having flushed out alot of my toxins in my body. My skin looked miles better too. Everyone was commenting on how well I looked. She said it's the Western diet that is all wrong, too much fats, carbs, sugar etc., on top of that all the medication we take too which clogs up the system. Here endeth lecture!


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