Inflammed Bowel/Back Pain

Hi all,

I need a little bit of help. I have cut white bread out of my diet because I get an inflamed bowel due to my Inflammation Bowel Disorder. I have had to cut so many things out of my diet, there are literally only a handful of foods that I can eat. Anyway I asked my hubby to get some crumpets yesterday (I love them with butter and jam mmmmmm delish) anyway since the early hours of this morning I have had pain in my lower back on the left side and I'm wondering if my inflamed bowel could cause that pain? It seems to go once I've y'know been the loo. Has anyone else suffered with this type of pain? It's horrible. I suffer with Scoliosis and I am in a fair amount of pain with that but this is in a different location, sort of under my left kidney. I am going to see my gp on Monday to see of she can help me.

Thank in you advance if you can help me. Sending you all gentle hugs and kisses xxxxxx

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  • Yes I get this ,really poorly sometimes haven't been given diagnosis with bit yet but nearly put into hospital last month now have diorolite ,binding tablets , and morphine prescribed as well now , if you haven't got diorolite in try flat coke with sugar in to get the bowel back to normal good luck :-)

  • Hello Shadows-walker. Thank you so much for replying to me. As I sit and write this reply to you the pain has now moved to my right side and on my hip but I think that is more the fibro pain than the ibd as that pain is still there. Anyway I haven't tried the diorolite. A funny thing that happened the other day was (this bit is delicate and will try to describe it in the easiest way that I can) I was on the loo and literally as I emptied my y'know I got a huge pain in my abdomen. It was like a gust of wind, have you ever had that? Sorry I know this isn't the easiest thing to talk about and I apologise. I do have coca cola which I could do. I'll let you know how I get on with that. Thank you so much for replying. What we all have to go through hey. Sending you gentle hugs xxxx

  • Hi there so sad your not able to see your doctor until Monday a weekend can seem so long when in pain. I really hope it calms down for you and don't know if this is a flare up sometimes fibro can mimic conditions but normally its on both sides of the body. Well if all else fails and I know this is a long shot but sometimes we can have trapped wind and short of a good belch laying on the tummy can help to break the wind up and to be honest I heave ibs and wind can play a part and has caused me considerable pain in the past . Here's to hoping that's all it is and if not hope your doc can help you Monday love and blessings fibro friend.

  • Hello Royalspec01. Thank you so much for replying to me. It's so horrible. It's the third time this week. I have now pretty much eliminated everything that I can't have from my diet but I honestly never thought the crumpets could cause me this much pain. I have looked online and I can get wholemeal crumpets so hopefully I don't have to miss out on a treat. It's so hard living like this. I hardly eat anything any more my appetite isn't what it was either. I will try the lying down suggestion and let you know if it works. Thank you again sending gentle hugs xx

  • I can relate to your awful discomfort. Have you been tested for Coeliac disease? It's a simple blood test initially. I get awful abdominal pains and sometime awful foul flatulence as I seem to be sensitive to a lot of foods that cause wind and wind pains. Sometimes its relieved by going to the loo or I have to suffer it all day and go to the loo several times. If you have pain after Crumpets then I maybe it could be Coeliac disease which would mean going on a gluten free diet. Don't do this until you have seen your doctor so he can test or get you tested for Coeliac disease as they need to check for the antibodies. By the way if you are tested positive there is lots of nice Gluten free foods in the supermarkets now and I found Gluten free Crumpets too! Fibromyalgia can mimic a lot of diseases and can cause IBS but get tested out by the your GP. Have you tried a hot water bottle on your stomach when you get the pain as that sometimes help ease the discomfort. Hope you get a solution pretty quick. xx

  • Hi Chrissy,

    I was tested for Coeliac disease a very long time ago, but maybe it's a good idea to get checked out again. I've had a camera to check (where the sun doesn't shine) and I also had a camera down my throat (I can't remember what that was for). I just worry so much about it all the time. If I'm not strapped to the toilet all day then it feels like I've gone on holiday lol. At first I thought it was a water infection because they absolutely do hurt so much but I still have the same pain and it doesn't hurt when I go for a tinkle. It's hard enough living like we do without all of this extra pain.

    Thank you for replying to me, I do really appreciate it.

    Sending lots of gentle hugs



  • Ah also if it turns out to be a basic tummy disorder then coca cola can help believe it or not its a great help hope this ok. xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Hi babbatista

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this horrid way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this problem. I have not personally come across this before, but it really sounds awful!

    The only thing I can suggest, apart from seeing your GP, is to make sure that you are drinking enough to help the foods to pass through without causing blockages and pain? As you will know yourself, something like this is a must for the GP!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hello Ken,

    Thank you so much. I have been drinking a lot because I thought that I had a water infection but that pain is still there. I will let you know how I get on.

    Lots of gentle hugs


  • Thanks Kimberley and good luck

    Ken x

  • Hope you are feeling better now, if you are restricting your diet - I find wheat bad as well although not Coelica you may need to see a dietation. Do you have a leaky gut? The more different things you eat usually the better so try one new thing a week. Last week I tried rabbit and the week before broad beans.

  • Hi Betty,

    It's not restricting my diet as such it's more the fact that there are literally only certain things that I can stomach to eat. I used to love a good ole roast dinner and our roast potatoes are cooked in the same oil but I literally can't stomach to eat it. As soon as I put a roastie in my mouth I gag and feel sick and so have to spit it out, it's the same for other foods that once I loved now I just can't bear to eat. That's why there is literally only certain things that I can eat. There are others but I can't think right now what they are. I will ask my gp about a dietician.

    Thank you so much for your reply,

    sending you gentle hugs

  • Good luck at the doctor's tomorrow. I have IBS so sympathise completely. I've managed to identify the worst culprits over the years but I still have periods when my diets gets quite restricted while things settle. Once your GP identifies exactly what's going on it might be worth asking for a referral to a dietician. My daughter was referred for her IBS as she was having trouble controlling it and she was given a full list of good, bad and occasionally OK foods and is finding she's much better. Hope you get sorted soon x

  • Hi Misty,

    I think a dietitian sounds like a great idea and I will tell her. Thank you so much for your reply. Gentle hugs xxx

  • instead of crumpets


    Baking powder

    1 tsp



    Natural yoghurt (fat free)

    6 Tbsp

    Oat bran

    1.5 cup (20 Tbsp)

    Skimmed milk

    1/4 cup


    1 cup, baking splenda

    Vanilla extract

    to taste



    Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.


    Let the mixture sit for 20 minutes or so.


    Make sure you use a non stick form (silicone ones are good) and a spray of 1cal cooking oil can help too.


    Bake at 350F until done.


    The recipe is for plain muffins but you can ad some flavour with one of the following:

    bananas (Consolidation), lemon, pumpkin spice/cinnamon, a variety of other baking flavourings.

  • Oh Betty,

    Thank you soooo much for your lovely reply. I can't wait to try this recipe. Thank you, gentle hugs xxx

  • forgot to say does not take long to cook and does not rise but I think they are great. I don't always add the splenda sometimes use dried fruit and can use quark, and soft cheese.

  • Thank you xx

  • I used to get the same until i cut out gluten which is in all white bread goods ( including scones!), white flour,white pasta, white rice, cakes etc on advice of consultant. Things have improved drastically with my ibs, no more spasms and 'pregnant' belly, hardly any rushing to loo. No longer have constant stomach upsets hope you sort yours out soon,


  • Hi Shazzy,

    Thank you for your reply. I've started doing that. I don't have white bread and I don't eat cakes unless I've made them myself without white flour or no flour at all. I don't eat pasta at all but I do enjoy brown rice, lovely. It's like simple things like this, that is just such a pain but obviously needs doing. I miss being the girl where I could go to the bakers and look at all of the cakes on display and take a pick from any of them at all. It's so difficult this thing called Life. Thank you hun, gentle hugs xxx

  • Hi, I had bad pain and also lots of flatulence and also gastric reflux until I started using Artivated Charcoal tablets, there is a UK manufacturer and you can get them over the Internet quite cost effectively. I know they really helped me and I gave some to a friend and she took them and also got relief and can now take far more foods. I started by taking 4-8 a day, and then gradually cut them down to 2 a day, which I kept up for 3 months, and then after that I stopped and just take them if I have symptoms or if I eat something that I know usually causes a bad reaction. It has really changed things for me and they are free of side effects.

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