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just found out i got this 8 months ago is it ruining your life or is it just me moaning too much


does your body crack all time my back cracked yesturday and foot all time. does any body know what foods best to eat as having bowl problems i want to cry as ache all over

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hi there i asked what foods to eat a few days ago if you sift through the old questions you will find my one and the answers people gave me or go on tags ,hope this helps :)

thank you so much at the moment my body is falling to bits just called it a day with boyfriend cause i had hysterectomy in august as didnt know i had this due to women problems can fibro cause women problems so bad can effect your sex life im only 32 and totally ashamed to sleep with boyfriend that bad and thank you for reply felt i had nobody to talk to about all this xx

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i have woman problems too hun so if you want to inbox me to chat about stuff you might not want to put on here im here :) and your not alone ,tc and gentle hugs to you xxxx

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hi there!

ive had womens probs for years now. im due for a hysterectomy (or as we call it here a hysterical rectomy!) in may. i had queried since i got fiagnosed with FM a few years ago, was it the FM causing pain in my uterus? it definitely is not. My gyny doc said the texture and type of muscles in the uterus are totally different to the rest of the body so uterus would not be affected by FM.

The body cracking is me too! any part of my body can crack - often friends say 'what on earth was that?' i say 'its just me, let me know if you see a body part on the floor!'

Keep smiling hun xx


no its not just you moaning !!

I found some help and relief from the candida diet, no sugar, wheat, refined flours ( though i dont do well with carbs at all ) no dairy, additives, preservatives.

as for being so young and hysterectomy, i really am sorry, but feeling ashamed can be totally natural response, but really your you, nothign to feel ashamed about, angry at having this darn fibro aye, but try to see the good things about yourself, youve more to bring to a relationship, that your womb , i had problems for years, but just as my now hubby moved in with me and my 2 kids, i fell apart, fibro finally fully reared its ugly head, my stomach looked like i was ready to have a baby, i wa swollen everywhere, could hardly walk, wanted to sleep 24/7, i felt totally ashamed, but i asked him to leave and he said no, weve got through past 3 years, got married two years ago, he said your more than fibromyaliga and you know something / i am! and you are too x

Hi, I was informed by my Consultant that I was probably born with this condition, when I mentioned I had trouble with my teeth since I was young, always had problems since my periods started and ended up having a hysterrectomy when i was 41 she told me that it was all down to fibro.

Sadly its one of those conditions you have to learn to live with, they don't know the cause of it and until they do they will be no cure for it.

Take care

i have defo had it since the age of 8, had no end of trouble with my teeth too and lost most of them. had many a prob with periods and fibroids, but after 2 years of absolutely hellish menopause everything in that direction subsided. no treatment except for excessive bleeding.

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