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I had a steroid injection in my knee joint and it was amazing it almost instantly took the pain away,then came back for a day or so,and then was very effective for about 4 weeks. While waiting for my Physio it seems to have worn off. ....It was bloomin painful and I thought it would last a bit longer to be honest!! Has anyone else had these and how long should they last ?

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Hi yes in my knee which lasted a few weeks and in my ankle which didnt do much. I believe you can only have so many in a year so it is quite limiting.

Hope yours last well ! good luck x gins


You were lucky you got it in the knee I had the injection for my knees and ankle in my butt lasted about 4 weeks but the pain relief was amazing .. But my rheumatolgist was disappointed in them only lasting that long and discontinued them.....then he retired ... New rheumatolgist got me moulded to measure insoles .. Has helped my ankle slightly but my knees are cream crackered but they say as I,m only in my 40s can't do anything yet I suppose they mean knee replacements.. At least I hope they do and not amputation though with lack of communication between gps hospitals and patients I could well end up with a sex change by mistake.... Apologies to anyone who works in the NHS .... But am finding things are falling apart my 3 monthly trigger point injections happen now whenever .. Between 4- 6months and are not as effective cos I,ve gone too long phoned last week as it was 4 months to be told .... Yup I.m on the waiting list...

VG x


Had both my knees injected three times. First time lasted 8 weeks, great. 2nd time lasted only three weeks. 3rd time hurt a hell of a lot more and had no effect whatsover on one knee, and other knee was painful again in under two weeks so they were then discontinued. Now I just fall downstairs instead, as the only alternative offered were tablets I couldn't safely take, so I got discharged.


I had one in my sholder years ago and that helped a frozen shoulder but was very painful. This one in my knee only lasted 4 weeks, back to grinding. Orthapedic surgion said I was not well enough for op gotta be stronger, older, and much slimmer !! I guess I can be one of those but not all three. He even said if it went wrong because of my other problems the answer would then be amputation and he doesnt want to do that. I said ..."Er Hello neither do I !!! "


Hi I have had injections in my shoulder,hip,knee,spine and ankle the only one that helped was the one in my ankle and its lasted about 3 months. I am going back to see my GP on tuesday to see if he will refer me back to the hospital to get it done in both ankles. My doctor would only do the ankle injections under sedation so didnt feel a thing. look after yourself Sue xx


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