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How long does Fibro last?


I suspect this is asking how long is a piece of string! I had ME for 10 years and have decently been diagnosed with Fibro. How long am I looking at realistically before this goes, another 10yrs?

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fybro is for life not just for a little while unfortunately.

hi..i don't think it ever can be managed but I think once you have it that's it...if im wrong I apologise xx

I agree, fibro does become your friend for life, be it good or bad. I have been diagnosed for 11 years, but I am sure I had problems quite a few years before. The symptoms do change over the years, but there is always the pain and feeling run down and tired on bad days. Managing is the only way to cope; although it can be very difficult at time. Also having a sense of humour, that tends to keep me going.

Tannels x

I think Pondminstral has it right it lasts for ever and a day but we learn to live with in its boundaries . Hopefully this means that with pain control and a positive approach with humour and sadness we accept our limits and can still grow and enjoy life!. So yes Tannels is right it is Pain management and understanding. Last but not least we need a net work of good friends who together we can achieve a harmony to our lives.

So in short It is with us.


Thank you for all your replies x

It's not what I wanted to hear! I wanted "there is light at the end of the tunnel" as that is what got me through ME from being wheelchair bound to back to work.

There is a light at the end , doctors ar so close to knowin the cause of fibromyalgia and from that they could find a cure , it is also very manageable and can have some control over it , when things ar really bad there's always going to be better days to come . Take care

Hi Dinky Daisy dont be despondent we can always have hope thigs are changing over the Water in America so we will catch up eventually.



As someone who has come through ME and is well enough to have gone back to work, you above all should now then that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that you should never ever give up hope, you have proved it.

Hi Dinky Daisy, i have had Fibro for well over 30 years and I think ones approach to it can have an impact on how it effects you. Some people are fighters and push themselves, often with not great outcomes, some people accept that this is with them for most of their lives, however there are people who are lucky and experience long spells of remission. I cannot predict for you on anyone else which you will experience, but my advice is accept it and learn how to live to as good a quality of life that you can , not necessarily with the mindset of beating it, because then if you don't you will feel worse, but positivity and accessing every bit of help that is offered you and is out there, can do nothing but good.

I wish you well in your endeavour to lead as good a life as possible for you. :-)


Hey Dinkydaise, Like the others have said, it is a life long commitment with no get-out clause. As has been said people do have periods when they are free from most of the problems but it's always there, it just means adjusting your lifestyle so you can avoid the worst of it most of the time.

My mother has had two different types of ME. The first lasted only a year but was very severe. The second she has had for about 23 years. There was a small gap between them when she returned to work and the doctors thought that this was probably part of the reason the second one hit as she was asking alot of herself so soon after the first.

I am still in the very early days of this myself, although, in hindsight, there were times in my past when similar bouts have happened, just less extreme and generally not lasting as long. I'm kinda hoping I am fortunate enough for this to go in to remission again as I was an extremely active person and find this so limiting that I repeatedly push myself too far. :( So we all have to learn that boundry and work within it.


Its for life I'm so sorry ,I have had it s nice twelve years now sixty one .My best advice is accept it then you can move on .Get some help pain wise excersise and try not to let it fill every wa king hour .My salvation has been crafting hope it goes well with you ,I was so touched with your question having been there myself .x

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