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Hi everyone, I had my Medical Exam at home a couple of weeks ago and I just wondered how long I can expect to wait to get a decision. I am getting more and more stressed, my neck is hurting so bad, much worse than usual and I think its the stress causing it. I am literally sick to my stomach with worry. I don't know how I'll cope if I lose my car, its the only way I can get out anywhere. I couldn't possibly sit on a bus, they are so uncomfortable it hurts me so much. Sorry to moan, I just am so sick of all this and feeling really low :(

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  • A few weeks usually, it took them 6 weeks to inform me that I failed the Atos lie detector test despite medical evidence to the contrary, which was ignored. By rights they should charge me with attempted fraud if what they are saying is true. :)

  • Lie detector? What are they, the secret service? .. How ridiculous. is it legal for Atos to give you a lie detector test?

  • You legally don't have to take a lie detector test, I mean if it was legal, the there would be legislation on the contrary. Practitioners argue the validity of this process, hence its not 100/ accurate, therefore it's not admisable by law,

  • Hi

    I hope and think that Esagestapo was being ironic, but you never know maybe this is the latest trick that Atos have rolled out to trap the unwary.

  • By their own admission, Atos do not perform medical assessments, that could leave them open to medical negligence claims if that were true. So the only practical purpose of the assessment must be to see if you are lying. :)

  • Be careful what you say about ATOS. The way things are going, by the time the next elections come around, DC and his mates will have flogged the police and prison service to them! :)

  • The prison service has already been sold to companies like G4S as far back as 1992. The old bill are still up for grabs though, we better get our bids in asap, does anyone hear have any Etonians as friends? ;) :)

  • Hi, are you awaiting a decision on your ESA or your DLA. . If it is your ESA you wont lose your car as it has nothing to do with the DLA. I am also worried that I may lose my car once the DLA changes over to PIP,as they have changed the rules dramatically. Im not due to be looked at for PIP until 2015 and I am stressing already.

  • Hi jayjayboy, its my DLA re-assessment decision I am waiting for. I have been on it for a few years but they are re-assessing people, I believe to weed out fraudulent claimants! Even if I stay on the same level of DLA, as far as I know I will be reassessed again in a couple of years for PIP!! How ridiculous is that?

  • Do you live in England or Scotland. I understand that they are doing a pilot first in England and once they see how it goes they will then start on the rest of the country. I live in Scotland and as far as I am aware we are going to start to be assessed for PIP from 2015 to 2018. I am hoping that I am nearer the 2018 as I will then be retired. It is not affecting people that are retired. As they have changed the criteria it looks like it is going to be very difficult to be awarded PIP. My nephew has lost both his legs/has a shattered pelvis/lost all the skin of both his arms/has broken bones in his back/one of his hands had to be reattached to his arm and he has no feeling in that hand he has horrendous internal injuries. (he was blown up in Afghanistan by an IED) but as he has learned how to manouvre a wheelchair and he can now walk a few feet occasionally with prosthetic legs, he may lose his DLA, as one of the criteria is as long as you can get 20 metres ( I think) then you do not qualify. He is not worried so much about his DLA, but he is worrying that he may lose his blue badge as he really needs this. Although I read somewhere that if you have been injured whilst in the army the DLA will not be affected,but I

  • Sorry pressed send by mistake, I have also seen people that has lost limbs being classed as fit and healthy if they have prosthetics, What the dwp and atos dont realise is that these people cannot wear there prosthetics all the time and will always need a wheelchair and probably be in a lot of pain.Probably even be mentally scarred . If they are being treated like this what hope is there for us. I think they take the view that if you can make it to the medical then you a re fit to work. Good luck.

  • I think if it is your DLA they are looking at and nothing has changed you should be fine. It seems to be when the PIP comes into affect that most people will fail the medical, as the criteria seems to have changed drastically and it looks very difficult to get any points. Surely there must be something that disabled people can do as we are being discriminated against. How can these people at ATOS go against the Doctors and consultants decisions.It is a worrying time.

  • All the benefit changes are just so confusing. There have been changes in my condition, but they are for the worse, so hopefully I will be ok, but don't reckon anything can be taken for granted. I had to laugh really as I was at my doctors today because of my neck being so painful and he said "well of course the fact that you have cervical spondylitis".......really? No-one has even mentioned that before, I knew I had degeneration of the spine and neck, but not that too, lol. Oh well, if he's put that in his report to the DLA then that can only go in my favour, I would hope anyway. Guess I'll just have to sit tight and wait to get my decision. xx

  • With ESA its a 13 week assessment phase and they have to give you an answer by the 13th week... normally its 2-3 weeks after the medical


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    Senior Case Manager

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  • I,v just seen the Dr from DLA for the 5 the time now so I don't no the out cum or how long it will take but the first time I claimed they turned me down I asked for it to b looked at again they turned it down again then the appeal still got turned down but from start to finish all most a year they don't rush if its for money to b paid out but u owe them money there on or back rite away

  • Just thought I would update you about my DLA re-assessment. (Don't know why they re-assessed me!) Anyway I got a letter yesterday to say that my claim had been looked at and that I am getting the correct rate and for the correct amount of time. Therefore there will be NO CHANGE to my DLA. It is such a relief :)

  • my wife has now been waiting for almost 18 weeks to get a decision on whether she can get ESA after visiting ATOS on 14th Feb 2014. After paying tax and national insurance all her life, when she needs help, this is how she gets treated, absolutely disgusting

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