how long for mri results?

I'm just curious as to how long it took for your mri results to come back to you, if you've had that test done. I was told they would reach the neurologist in ten days, but that it would probably take longer than that for him to contact me about a follow up. my mri was a couple of weeks ago now, so i guess i've a while to wait still. not sure if I'll go to see the neuro first or go for more tests first. but anyway, how long did it take for you to hear from your neurologist, after your mri?

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  • it takes bout 14 days then your specialist will arrange to see you all long winded sorry to say anything important you will be called in within the 2 weeks good luck x x

  • Hi there

    Yes I agree, mine too about 2 weeks too. You will then get called back to discuss the results.

    Good luck.

    Piggie hugs xxxxxx

  • Whoops that should say mine took!!

  • I think it depends on the HA area but I was told a few years back, I have only ever had one MRI and the reports are often sent aboard to be done, it cheaper, but don't know about quicker! can't remember how long mine took as I just had another appt booked in for the following month. hope you don't have I wait too long xx

  • I had my doctor send me for one and i went to see him 2 weeks later for the results but that was on my back the one i had for my head again through my GP and had the results in 3 weeks so i do think it depends on your HA. My head was fine my back not so waiting to see specialist.

    No news is good news honey and for the most part that has rung true for me.

    Take care xxxxx

  • My next door neighbour had an MRI scan done in october. His appointment with the consultant, who asked for the scan, came a week ago - for feb next year so he is pestering his G.P. to get the results.

    I suggest you do the same or keep ringing the neurologists secretary till you get a date.

    Good luck.

  • I waited thrre weks for a response and I was not offered a follow up appointment, just discharged back to GP care xxxxx

  • hmmm, so i guess it really does depend on where you live! and i guess also in whether they see anything that needs urgent care. well i'm obviously really hoping mine comes up clear, but i already know i have issues with my neck so i'm hoping that i'll be able to get some sort of help for that from the results.

    Thanks to you all for your experience and advice.

    He did tell me he wanted to send me for electro shock testing, so I don't know if he wants to see me before or after that. I guess I just have to continue to wait and see.

    I really hate this feeling of being in limbo, waiting for a proper diagnosis.

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