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Hi as you all know i have not been on here for a while and i dont really have to go in to why as nearly all of you at some poiunt have been in touch with me via different ways

anyway because of what happened and the way it was dealt with by the people involved i have decided NOT to come back to the forum i will keep here as a memeber and pop on to make sure old FRIENDS are still ok but apart from that i have decided the best thing is to not write any blogs on here for either quite a while or again

I am sorry it has happened this way but as i said those of my true friends on here know and have seen the truth so no need to go into it

So i wish you all good luck and happiness and you all know where i am should you want to talk to me as you all have my e mail etc love to you all and maybe one day ii will write another blog

love and hugs Diddle xxxxxxxx

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dont blame you hun, i dont write on here anymore either xx

But you both just have ."....." looks confused....

They both stated that they did not come

On here often, not that they never came

On still look confused, poor you must be

Fibro fog

I wroteon here the 1st time since 6th sept as many people on here want to know where i am etc this is my last blog plwease dont comment on things you know nothing about as i am sure if you did you would retract what you just stated good luck and i wish you well love diddle x

Ah their as their names says...just very grumpy. Bye Diddle, it won't be the same without you but that's their loss not yours. Wish you well too.

Miss you Diddle - you'll be very welcome if you do eventually decide to blog again.

Take care my friend

Julie xx

I have no details to contact u makes a sad face

Its a shame its come to this Diddle. I loved your posts they were heartfelt and funny.

Go enjoy some carrot cake and well maybe see you back some day. x

Well I for one know it's not as good as it was, not as many people

Come on here,

I still belong but I don't very often write any thing

Just mainly read things

Good luck diddle

Hey diddle diddle hope all is well with you :-) havnt been on here myself in a while recent flare up and appendix op has left me sore nd exhausted but startin to improve now so reading blogs again and bringin myself up to speed wiv everyones lifes on here. Im sooooooo sad to hear you feel you have to leave but I respect your decision. Thanx for the email will get a chance to reply asap. Take care nd best wishes for the furture xxx

Oh Diddle I miss are early morning repartee when I saw your name I though jippee only to find you are not coming back oh dispondent it seems that it is all change aboard the good ship ....miss you and understand perfickly. Do take care y friend xxxgins

Hi diddle

I am SO sorry to see you go but I understand your reasons. I loved reading your blogs on here. I don't post very often but would come on here every day to read what you had put, be it sad, happy or even advice for other people. You lifted a lot of people on days they, and you, were struggling, me included and I will miss you dreadfully! I hope you carry your uplifting and positive attitude with you for many years to come. Even though you don't know me, I see you as a friend. Take care of yourself

Lots of love and many gentle huggles

Chilli xxxxx

Hi dear diddle, I am going to miss you and your wonderfully uplifting blogs more than I can say - I always looked forward to seeing what you were up to and your positive approach to your life with fibro.

I am so sorry that events here have resulted in you making the decision you have,, but understand you must have good grounds for coming to such a conclusion.

Wishing you huge amounts of love and give rusty some big hugs from me and my doglets send their doggy salutations.

Missing you already - muchly dottii xoxox

Best of luck Diddle. I really miss your blogs, they were so upbeat & cheerful & you have always given friendly & helpful advice. X

Not the same Diddle, miss you sweetie

you take very special care,

lots of love and hugs


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