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Hi to all my friends i am missing you all and coming on here but i really have not been well at all thought i was better yesterday drove 30 mins to see my grandsons the eldests birthday i was there an hour had to get home crawled up the stairs and got into my pj s and then collapsed on the sofa and did not move til i went to bed

got up this morning and felt awful but after 2 hours felt alot better and have got the GP s this morning at 11.15 and hoping to get more tablets etc then i will be in doors the rest of the day

i will hopefully be on here soon and back to normal

love to you all diddle xxxx

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Sorry to hear you still not feeling too good Diddle :( Hope you get on ok at the doctors and are feeling much better soon. Take care of yourself xx

oh dear diddle you really are in the wars hun ,fingers crossed you feel your old self soon xxxx

Hi diddle I'm sorry to read you are still unwell and wish you well

But I expect you will have to except it will take you a bit longer this time around to get better. may be wait a couple of days longer to go out hun, I know for myself I have to pace myself longer if I want to go out, one day out for me equals at least 3 days rest. I know its upsetting to have to accept this but in the end staying well is whats important

love & hugs poppy xx

Hey Diddle diiddle I will send the cat and a fiddle to bring you some cheer!!!

Hopefully you will have seen the Doctor and got some more meds?

Keep warm and rest.


Sue x x

Don't give up hope diddle, the nasty bug will go soon and you will feel better...I'm just making a wish to the fibro fairies to help you!! :)

Hi dear Diddle, you are always here for so many of us. I do hope you feel better soon. I have to say that some of these nasty bugs that have been around have taken many of my otherwise very healthy friends weeks to throw off so it's not surprising you are finding it difficult. I had it myself a few weeks ago and just had to throw in the towel for a solid week after trying to be well before I was for a couple of weeks.

Thinking of you and wishing you well. Whippt xxx

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