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Just to let you all know that i am eating a wait for it .................................

an APPLE yes i have typed it right and jus to shock you even more before that ihad a kiwi lol

just to balance it out i did eat a coffee maderia cake earlier for my lunch/tea

love to you all diddle

p.s i am now off as partner on his way so we now gonna watch deal or no deal and all the other stuff i got on sky + xxx

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i dont think some ho there will bw an cake left in the diddle house holsd lol

its a shame your fish and chips have ipset your tummy perhaps an eclair will settle it down again i would be tempted to give it a go lol

love to you and will be on here sat xxxxxxxxx

night night my special friend and dont you ever change your lovely :) :) xxxxx

trouble with eclairs i eat the lot they so,light lol xx

Haha, what are you like. xxxxxxxx

a naughty diddle x love to you x

Back to carrot cake today eh??? lol!

no i got a walnut and cream cake in cubord or plain maderia mmmmm desions desions it is a hard life isnt it love to you diddle x

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