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Hi have just got up an hour or so ago y back and cosyx at botto of y spine is in agony i have been coughing all night and my nose is all blocked up i thought i was going to be nearly better today but i a feeling a bit worse!!!!

I think i may have done too much yesterday thinking i was better so better!!!!!!

So self inflicted .

I am still taking the anti biotics and have got to see the GP on wed morning .

I hope you are all well and i will be popping on in next few days and i a reading all the blogs but i cant answer them all as i not got the energy .

Just so you know i a thinking of you all and am with you all in spirit

have a nice day. it is raining here at the min so hope the sun shines as it is my little Grandsons Birthday .

love to you all DIDDLE X

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Hope you're feeling better soon Diddle x

gentle hugs x

thankyou will be back to normal soon just need to take it easy for few days build myself up again love to you diddle x

thanks christine only myself to blame done too much too soon silly diddle x

love to you and hope you have recovered after your run xxxx

love diddle x

Hope you are better soon diddle soft hugs )))) Allan xx

Hope you feel better soon Dids:) and wishing you lots of sunshine for your grandson's birthday:) hugs xxx

its a horrible thing to have as i know myself hugs

rest lots sugar, hope see you back on here very soon, as that will be a sign that you are better xxxxx

hope you feel better soon hun xxx

hope you feel better soon....its horrible when you feel like that...lots of soft hugsxxx

get well soon diddle hugs x

Get better soon diiddle xx

Get well soon hunni. Thinking of you. REST plz. Hope your Grandson has a good Birthday. much love. Helen xxx

Hope you are feeling better so riddle diddle!! Thinking of you! xxxxx :)

Morning diddle,

Aww bless you, i hope you feel better soon, thinking of you and you take it easy (that is an order by the way lol)

hugs, kel xxxx

morning diddie ,

get well soon and take it easy ,xx

still got the cold ,plenty hot drinks in order and keep warm with feet up xxx

my eldist sons birthday to ,im getting old hes 28 today

takecare sending hugs to u xxx

Hey Diddle diddle you need to rest up and keep warm, nice soft music, coffee and cake.... mmmmm

Love and hugs

Sue x x x x

Hiya Diddle get back to bed and stay cosy & warm, hope youfeel better soon, luv to you soft hugs, take care... Mary xxx.

Get well soon, Diddle we miss you. Lots of gentle hugs. xx

hope you are feeling better soon diddle. <3 xx

"You are awful, but I like you"

Actually Diddle, don't know if you are old enough to get that joke about your heading. I think its from 'are you being served'.

As if FM isn't bad enough now having an infection. Wish you better very soon.

Whippet x

It's from the Dick Emery show - now who's showing their age?!!

Whatever do you mean, my Grandad is a big fan and made me watch it on DVD ;-)

Sorry, I didn't mean you! I meant me, even tho I was only a child! It wasn't DVD or even video for me and I'm only 44 years young:) !!

Only kidding myself. I am 56 and watched it when it was on. Just couldn't remember where it came from. Now there was a funny show. :-)

Oh thank God for that!! x

Take it easy, we will miss your input but look after you. hope you soon feel better.

Gentle hugs.Trish X

Poor you Diddle, I so hope that you get better shortly! I hate being poorly at the best of times. My Prayers are with you . {{{{{Gentle Huggles}}}} Suzy. xxxx

Oh Diddle, you must rest!

get better soon, we miss you!

Angel hugs

Lindz xx

gentle hugs Diddle, hope you feel better soon

Oh Diddle diddle dum - wait until you finish your antibiotics, they make you feel better before you completely are. You must feel like its never going to end, but it will. I've just come down with a horrible cold, the only up side is that I can't stop sleeping! Hope you grandson has a wonderful birthday. Get better soon and see you on here soon. Love and tender hugs, Kimbell x

Sorry to hear your'e not feeling well thinking of you soft hugs sue xx

Hurry up and get well soon Diddle, you're the one that cheers people up, we can always rely on you to make us smile. :) anne xx

What are we going to do with you Diddle, you must take more care of yourself and take the advice you so often give to other people. Just because you feel better when you are doing very little doesn't mean you are better enough to go for it big time!. You need to have some recouperation time now, lots of hot drinks, cakes and anything else you fancy until you regain your strenght.

I so hope your little grandson enjoyed his birthday, its a magical time when you are that age.

Take care and look after yourself love Angela xx

Love and hugs to you Diddle,hope you are back on your feet real soon xxx

Hope you're feeling a lot better diddle, got a terrible pain in my back next to my spine over the weekend myself which went right down to my lower spine and spread across to my hips, I could hardly walk up to to-day, and yesterday the whole area was totally numb, and still couldn't straighten up properly to walk, but I'm fine to-day, thank-God, maybe it was the change in temperatures, I think my doctor is really starting to worry about me, I was at his practice to-day, now try and take it easy diddle, get well ( or a lot better) soon love Claire with a gentle hug xxxx

Hi Diddle. I have terrible burning and pain round coxis - is this fibromyalgia ?? I have been looking for other causes. I also have urgency to use the toilet (bowel) again is this fibro. I have been diagnosed as ME/ fibro. But struggling to believe fibro

Hope you'll have another good day soon


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