I have decided i wont have any tea not because i havent got anything but because before i wrapped up all my christmas presents i ate a whole trifle those ones you buy in asda the little bowls araspberry one it was lush so i am full up and feel bit sickly lol no sympathy as it was self inflicted no one force me to eat it all i just did so that will do me for the day

love to you all and i hope that you have all got a more healthy tea lol diddle xxx

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  • Glad you enjoyed it lol you could always have a midnight feast later, we just had a sunday roast so am also feeling a bit sickified now xx hugs to you xx

  • lol bitmore healthy than a trifle lol love diddle x

  • It wasn't the trifle that caught my eye, but the fact you were wrapping your CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!!!!! Oh how I 'hate' people so organised!! Only joking. I tried that one year, starting in October.Thought that was pushing the boat out as far as I wanted to go!! But come christmas, half the people I had got presents for had already gone and bought the items themselves or I had lost some because I had put them away and then couldn't remmeber where I had put them. I do save early for Christmas, well once the birthdays have finished in October. But I tend to do my present shopping about 2 weeks before Xmas and then have a wrapping day. I can also instruct all close relatives NOT to buy themselves ANYTHING from then onwards. XX

  • I loveeeeeeee those trifles hard too stop once you start !!!!!!

    Nicki xx

  • yes i think i can safely agree with that lol love diddle x

  • OMG!!!! After all these years - I have found someone who admits to eating a WHOLE family sized trifle!!! I do this often Good onya Diddle xxx

  • now come on they are hardly family size are they lol maybe fo a family of fairies si dont feel guilty love to you diddle

  • Did you say wrapping christmas presents? WOW! I used to be organized but now it's all I can do to remember any appointments (not very successfully either!)

  • I can't go past the trifle counter at Asda, when I do I buy their cheapest trifle as a treat, to last a few days, but it never lasts more than a couple of hours. Saves money though cos I never want a meal that day. I know the meal should be before dessert but.............

  • yes they are well worth the money i love those too xxxx but they only do fruit cocktail i wanted raspberry love to you diddle x

  • Love a full trifle!!!!!!! X

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