Yesterday proved to be one of those horrid ones. I took my beloved cat MrMuggles to

The vet and came away without him - I had to make a decision about him and as he had started to bite - me in-particular he had to go. I will sorley miss his magnificent cuddles he used to curl up on my chest and make bread - destroying all my cardigans. Still I know it was the right thing to do but who do I talk to about my problems know!

Sorry to be so pathetic!

Hope you all have a good day :)


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  • Oh gins, that's not pathetic at all, after all our cats and dogs are our best friends too and we grieve for them (had to take a week off work yrs ago when my 17yr old dog died) so just be extra kind to yourself and know that lots of others will identify with your sadness.

    Take care xx

  • go and find another needy cat from a cat shelter,you'll both appreciate each other.I got a puppy for the first time nearly 2 years ago and I'm not a dog person.I'd never been around dogs at all.Now I don't know what I'd do if he wasn't here,I'm really not sure who loves each other the most lol ! x

  • So sorry gins.... It's hard to lose a beloved pet... Like a family member in many ways

    Hugs VG x

  • A true animal lover knows that animals cant ask and will take action when it is required a face the trauma of loss because the animal needed the right to die with dignity our one cat started to bite and it was found to have a brain tumour

    Ally thoughts and love to.u petal

  • Sorry to hear about your puss cat Gins. You did the best thing - it's hard to let a beloved pet go though isn't it?

    Julie xx

  • TIhanks every one, I think I will have a pause for a while I still have three dogs and that is enough. :)

    Ta muchly xgins

  • My heart goes out to you gins. So sorry to hear about your beloved pet. Take care of yourself. Jane x

  • I'm so sorry to hear you have lost a beloved friend gins.

    I lost my dog 10 years ago and still think about her every day. She had cancer but was managing quite well at the time, even though it was pretty advanced and there wasn't much they could do for her, then she had an accident. Everything was against her, not least her cancer. The operation to fix her smashed shoulder was over £2000 and the vet said that she probably wouldn't survive for more than a couple of months so I too had to make the awful decision of letting her go. One of the hardest things I've ever done. I was there as she was born and as she died and very day in between so have some wonderful memories of her, a totally psycho dog with a very lovable nature.

    My sympathies to you honey. Take it easy on yourself. You will be sad for a time and that's to be expected but eventually you will remember him with love and fondness and know you did the right thing. ( I hope that doesn't sound too know it all! )

    Love and gentle huggles to you

    Chilli50 xxxx

  • He was psycho like your dog bless them xgins

  • So sorry to read about Mr Muggles. It is always sad to lose a beloved pet, they are as much a part of your family as the people close to you. I've lost 2 cats in the last few years and I still think about them even though I have new ones. They each have their own little individual personality. You don't so much replace them as replace the empty space they leave in your heart and your life.

    Take care

    Storm x

  • Thanks for your kind words xgins

  • Awww poor poor you. You must be gutted. Please know you did the best thing for mr muggles his behaviour showed he was clearly in a bit of distress and you responded to this in a way that ensured he didnt have to endue a long drawn out period of suffering. Dont feel pathetic for showing love and affection to your beloved pet and be gentle with yourself as you will no doubt grieve for the love warmth fun and affection you received in return. Only those who love animals will trully understand the bond between pet nd owner and believe thar death does not break this bond. Mr muggleslives on in ur hear :-) hugs Dixie xx

  • Thanx for your hugs dixie xgins

  • * that * heart

  • RIP Mr Muggles. Im so srry for your loss. Ive been in that position twice,1 dog 1cat. my cat started to get aggressive when i tried to stroke him. turned out he had a tumour on his back, so he was telling me in his own way. Id had my dog, who was the sweetest little Yorkie/Poodle for 8 yrs.he got to14 but was a physical wreck in the end. arthiritis, couldnt see or hear, had no teeth and a heart murmer. he still got around ok till the last few months and i couldnt bear to see him getting upset and distressed coz he couldnt find me in the house.he was also incontinent by then. It broke my heart to let him go, but it also broke my heart to see him suffering. that was 8 yrs ago and i still miss him SOOOOO much, even tho ive got another dog now. Remember the good times. lotsa love.xx

  • Muggles was a bit like that he kept following me around making ghastly noises poor chap . RIP

  • I am a bit behind with forum but so sorry to hear your news, it is awful having to make that final decision but it is sometimes the kindest thing to do. Hope your doggies are helping you to fill the gap in your life xx

  • Thanks lynn yes the dogs are more boisterous bless them but I do miss my furry cuddles!

    Take care xgins

  • Hi ginsing Your not pathetic I have 5 rescued cat sadly I lost 1 of them 6mths ago and 1 last month both due to old age there cuddles are priceless hugs from me😺

  • A hug for you - you are right there is nothing that measures up to a hug with a beloved pet - the way they look AT US with confidence that we are there entirely for there use LOL Ginsing admin

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