I thought I would warn every one of something that happened yesterday evening

A phone call saying she was part of the crime prevention of Dumfries and that a certain number of free alarm system were available and that I qualified. Well of course I said OK.

Phone call two Hello I am delighted to say you qualify and somenumber one it about this weekend

well Ok

Phone call three a couple of question Yes would Saturday be ok ro send a chap around to talk with you . wELL SURE ( but know I am begining to wonder what is going on)

Phone tomorrow but someone would ring before he came..

So all set man calling at 11.00 but someone would ring before he came!

Saturday Morning

I checked through the web and no one was giving away anything So I rang the police and yes it was a real company their sales technique left a lot to be desired

She suggested I cancel it and not let anyone in the house!

He rang I said No I did not want them coming - Oh why- I said I talked to the police and have decided not to - Who did you speak with- Just the constabulary Goodbye.

I would only ever use my friend son he has his onwn Alarm Company




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  • Well done you :) have a gentle day :)

  • Hi gins :-) I have heard on the radio that there are a lot of scams going on to do with fitting of alarms, so it's a good "heads up". We all need to be careful about security. (Says she who living in deepest darkest you know where goes out regularly without locking :o !! ). :-)

    Foggy x

  • you naughty girl foggy, dont you go out again without locking the door, you will have us all worried if for some reason your not on here, ....stick a large note on the inside of your front door saying ...."Foggy Foggy please lock your door,...other wise you may find you have a home, NO MORE"...... LOL gentle hugs to you foggy ((((Foggy)))) ...Dee xx

  • Awww thank you Dee , I am going to try and reform myself !! :D

    Foggy x

  • Well done Gins :)

    Sending a shiver down my poorly spine with the creepiness of it all :o

    Glad you got shot of them :)

    Armoured fluffies on route to protect you

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Well done Gins. There are so many scams at the moment. I had someone phone here saying he was a BT engineer and that I had a virus that would damage my computer beyond repair, etc and he needed to fix it. He was told no thank you ( I have a mac so no viruses anyway). We contacted BT and they confirmed what we thought, a scam.



  • well done gins you did the right thing, you never know these days,....do hope you are feeling a bit better today gentle hugs (((gins))) ....Dee xx

  • There is another scam where people are phoning saying they are police and investigating a criminal using your bank card. They may ask you for your card details - DON'T EVER give your card details to someone who calls you, unless you know what it's about. They may ask you to call your bank but stay on line, don't know how, and answer your call to the bank and get your details that way.

    There is also a scam where somebody phones to say you have won a competition and need your account details to place the winnings in it. Again, don't.

    There are lots of unscrupulous people about so please be careful if you get these or similar calls.

    If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is. Take care out there everyone. And Foggy LOCK YOUR DOOR!!

  • I hear you all the but this is A village which seems to have been caught in a time warp and is rather like a village would have been 50 odd years ago, but I promise you all I will lock from now on....... Wrists well and truly smacked ;-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thanks for that warning gins,and foggy your not the only one as I always go out and leave my back door unlocked :O

  • With regards to free alarms there are free fitted alarms from some well known companies but they make their money from monitoring. Some can charge .90p a call and they can do daily checks (for your own safety of course) So they get £328.50 a year out of you minimum. Others make a monthly charge plus call charges Plus maintenance.

    I have never had anything for free except the love of my wife ;)

  • Many alarm companies set a chip in their alarms whereas they will continuously go off and you can't re-set them just after the warranty runs out, it shows up on tbe setting pad to call engineer, of course people then go back to the company they bought it from... Bingo! You have another bill to pay for servicing.......

    Also if you declare on your house insurance, for any discount to be awarded that alarm must be serviced annually and certified to prove it, and you have to ensure that you use it all the time. Some insurancce companies also insist for houses, if you sleep upstairs you must have the downstairs alarmed at night. You can set different zones to be alarmed only.

    You can never be too safe xx

  • My oh is a right plonker sometimes he forgets to take the keys out of his motorbike, good job the key for the chain is on another keyring, he's even gone fishing and left the keys in it was right next to a building site and the guys were watching it they never noticed the keys, he's also left the car unlocked before now, good job we have a house alarm as I've lost count of the times he's left the front door unlocked, some men are such feather brains lol . Sithy

  • Hello gins, Sorry for the late reply about Alarms! I live on the Isle of Wight and here you can get in contact with your local Fire man and they will come to your home and check all your Appliances and put a Free Alarm in your home, I know as i had it done during this year. So maybe If you need this done you can ask them. As for scams there is one going around where someone calls and they are Asian, they say you have a problem with your computer! Never do what they ask as its a Scam to get info from your computer, I phoned Microsoft and they said they would never phone anyone. Love Aisha x

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