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Apathetic and so down, thanks HMRC

Well I have only pooped on to update. I am struggling just to function at the moment. Two weeks after I supplied the HMRC with ten years of paperwork as requested I still havn't heard from them what their decission is.

I aam no anti depressents and just want to sleep all the time, my health has gone back abot five years. All the hard work of getting myself so I had some quality of life and now back to not wanting to wake up in the mornings.

All the positivity I had has gone. I wonder how long it will take to get back to having any kind of life?

Here is hoping you are all doing better than me at the moment.

Hugs xx

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I know how you feel, that every time you make some progress with your health things seem to fall apart.

One of the worst things (i think) with fibro is the unpredictability of this illness, and it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I found CBT to be helpful but I found hypnotherapy really helped me to deal with fibro and all the problems it brings.

I still have bad flare ups but I have learnt to deal with them a lot better.

have you been on the anti-depressants long? if not that could be the reason you are feeling sleepy all the time, if you have been on them for a while maybe you should ask your GP to change them. I am on Mirtazipine 45mg and I have had no side effects and they help me get some deep sleep each night.

I have found that i need to make a reason to get up so I have at least 1 thing to do each day so I need to get up and slowly you will want to get up again.

You are strong (anyone dealing with fibro is a tough cookie) and you have to tell yourself it will get better.

here if you want to talk x


Thanks Irene,

I have had fibro for many years and usually manage it fairly well. I have been on the antidepressents for two weeks purley down to the constant bullying from HMRC. As you can imagine it is the stress of it all that has pushed me over the edge. Fobro is a constant uphill battle and this has knocked me to the very bottom of that hill again :-(


Hi devonLady

You have responded to the bullies as best you possibly can; package the thoughts up now and put them in a mental box that says "dealt with, I refuse to worry over what I can not control".

Please do not let these people control your emotions, you have done what you can do and no amount of worrying is going to make a blind bit of difference, so package it up and let it go; then reaquaint yourself with the you who wasn't bullied.

Julie xx


Thanks, I will do my best but when trying to sleep is just plays on my mind I suppose. x


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