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HMRC results of their investigation

Well what a day if I could skip I would do, sadly I am in agony today so I definately can't.

Well today some six weeks aget the call telling me I would go to prision for fraud, which I knew I was not guilty of, a near mental breakdown to have me on anti depressents and seeing councillor. I get a recorded leter with my ten years of paperwork and a letter to say no change needed to my claim.

Sorry to be picky but an apology for all the stress caused would have been nice. Six weeks ago the fibro was well controlled and I had a life now I have a broken spirit and body and months and months of rebuilding to do before I regain what I had, if I ever do. These people need a good kick up the backside.

Tonight I may sleep properly for the first time in weeks x

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That is awful!!! Poor poor you!!! xx

Did they not give you any reason for this bizarre allegation? It's truly scary!! Perhaps they are just trying to scare us all off appealing or going to Tribunal...???

I'm really glad that you managed to stick it out and won your claim but really feel for you re the stress caused. It must have been so incredibly stressful, which does have an immediate impact on your health. I know just by filling out a claim for ESA that I was stressed to the hilt and have endured a flare for the last 6 weeks because of it - to go through this must have been 1000 times worse!

I think an apology is the very least you should have received!!!!!!!!

I hope you recover quickly... Be gentle with yourself.



What they put us through is irrelevant to them...glad you got the right result..x


ive been reading your blogs from the very beginning and ive felt for you since day one.they owe you a massive apology for what they have done to you.

ive been told by email yesterday that i have committed fraud and that i have to pay back every penny from tax and housing.

but my ex was to blame for both of these claims and they have decided im lying.

we just dont need this kind of worry right now.

i hope you can move forward eventually and hold yre head high and the person who caused all this stress becomes ill one day like us...

there needs to be a investigation and a written apology and some flowers too.

well done though.xx


Oh hunni I really feel for you they are heartless they hide in offices miles from where you are and know you can't meet them so your just a faceless statistic to be hounded. Bless you I do hope your situation gets sorted out, I did find the citizens advise was quite useful, perhaps they can help you.

They always go for the easy target which is you obviously as your ill and they know you struggle just to survive let alone fight them.

I am holding my head high as I knew I was innocent of any misdoing but they still scared the begeesers out of me and ruined my fragile health. Time to rebuild myself and try to put this behind me if I can. Much as I would like an apology they are never going to say that one word that would really help.

If you need to chat and bloos steam just message me. Hugs x


Devonlady - I'm so pleased that your name has been cleared and justice has been done.

Is there anyway you can claim damages for the false allegations? It may be worth booking one of those free solicitors appointments and taking along your letters and photocopies and enquiring. If not perhaps think about taking it to the local press IF you think you can cope with the whole thing going public.

If it was me, since I'm a bit of a chicken and a private person, I think I'd just want to forget the whole thing and put it behind me.

Main thing is that these people aren't going to be harrassing you any more.

Julie xx


hi devonlady

sorry you had to go through such torment and thinking you fraud and how they come to even think things like this because of others that do.

Really pleased of your outcome and you are cleared ..and they say worry and stress cause symptoms..well yes they would do having to go through all that .

Big hugs and keep going dont let anything get you down the best you can (says me lol)



Devonlady, Please get in touch with your MP, he may be able to get you the apology that you so richly deserve, and give you back some of your self-esteem.

Email him and tell him the whole sorry mess, part of an MP's job is helping their constituents with problems of this kind.

Cheers, Midori


So pleased you have been proven right at last xx


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