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King RAlph ohhhhh so funny

King RAlph ohhhhh so funny

Watching this is pretty funny hahaha he just been playing piano Good Golly Miss Molly hahah.

being pampered in bed alllll day as no idea why i have no energy and i went down stairs and by time i got there from my neck down i just so drained no energy..mind you been up most night with tummy and the rest and botty getting over excited!

Pic represents my whooole body toeday hahaha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Isn't it lovely to be pampered, I cannot stay in bed it is too sore on back so have to get up, it is easier to be vertical although by your picture you feel as if you are hitting your head on the wall. So I am always up up and away -------------- till I sit down

What is energy? xgins


Hi gins hows one coping today

Ohh i was comfy laid in bed but soon as got up was out of sorts and weak all over, effort to make a cuppa and pills not working, i had to relax as new girl started today so had to let my body fuel the best it could lol.

Wow today xxx


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