So much pain:(

Hi all, I hope you are all well and pain free. I have had so much pain in my neck and shoulders the last few days its crippling. Ive only been diagnosed a few weeks ago and am taking no medication for it. Called the docs and as usual there are no appointments available. Hot baths ease it thank god so I'm taking lots of them. Took a b12 shot last night and am feeling my energy levels rise for sure.

Does anyone else suffer from severe muscle pain in the neck and shoulders, are they really tender to touch?. I hate tablets they make me feel so sick. Any advice would be appreciated guys. Thanks in advance x

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  • Hi Raven321 I'm afraid neck & shoulder pain as any muscle pain is a common symptom of Fibromyalgia, in fact some people say this is their worst symptom. Mine comes and goes but it has been very debilitating at times where I've been unable to lift my arms at all. I find a warm herbal bag that you microwave helps a bit. I do have to take medication and there are lots of various medications that are normally prescribed for Fibro. I find if I eat something with pain killers it stops the sicky feeling.

    Peace, luv & light

    Jan x

  • I suffer with this, I wrote to Ken, I told him that I buy a little bottle of lavender from chemist, it's usually in a little brown bottle for £3.50. I do not dilute it just rub it on pure it stinks but it's the best thing I've ever used in my life, try it and see, this is my secret

  • Thank you Joyce I will try this once my latest b12 shot wears off :)

  • Yes, I get awful. bouts of neck/shoulder pain, last year it was so bad I went to a chiropractor and have to say she did help a lot , she said it was my trapezee ? Muscle In my shoulder, I have to be very careful not to lift or carry anything heavy or it will start it off again, as Jan says , heat pads are good and don't take painkillers on an empty stomach , hope you feel better soon 😃🎄

  • Hi there Raven321 I have suffered with that type of pain for over 30 years. This last 2 months as been the worst ever. I too can not take meds due to side effects. Right now my left side pain is off the planet. So i'm laid here using hot water bottle after hot water bottle on the painful muscles. In desperation I have just taken two otc antiflams.

    I think for me it is a case of rest and heat and hope it settles down soon. If not I will be seeing the Doctor in the New year if not before.

    I hope you find something to help ease your pain. I really can sympathize with your type of pain.


  • Thanks guys. Maybe I should be more vary of lifting heavy things and driving etc..I'm hoping to see my useless doctor after the holidays and see what he suggests. Although as with most doctors it will be useless guaranteed :(

    Love u all :)

  • Hi Raven321 , I have a friend with this issue and goes for a neck massage, really helps her. Good luck.Peck 🐤

  • Hi Raven321

    I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain and wonder why you have not been given an medication yet, although I am afraid most meds for fibro do come in tablet form.

    If you have been given a course of tablets to take, then ask your pharmacist if there is an alternative way of taking them like liquid or suppositories.

    There are warming pads suitable for neck and shoulder pain and many members here swear by them.

    Are you able to self refer for physiotherapy at your GP surgery? May be a call to them might mean you get seen earlier.

    If you can, try and practice some relaxation techniques, my most useful one is to physically drop your shoulders. It is surprising how often we tense up and then carry on with that tense posture. Another useful tip is to have a hot shower, wash your hair, massaging the scalp well and let the hot water flow over your neck for several minutes.

    Hope you will have a better day tomorrow.


  • Thank you 😊

  • Hi Raven321

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I have terrible neck and shoulder ache most of the time. If I cannot get it under control I end up with chronic migraines. I am going to try the lavender treatment that Joyce65 mentioned!

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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