So so lonely got nobody 😒😒

Sorry for how I feel but I've got nobody no partner no family and my kids have let me down so much. I've just moved but just can't cope with this chronic pain the fibromyalgia has flared up so bad feelings like I'm dieing. Have got a carer but she only in for 2 hour's a day, social services don't care just makes me laugh how these people can just leave a disabled person like this they no how I can't do much myself. Sorry for feeling sorry for myself hardly had any sleep which don't help but can one do. Sad and fed up and the pain 😒😒😒😒😒😩😩😩

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  • Hi there

    I am so sorry that you are feeling so sad and lonely. The relentless pain can leave us feeling depressed and sorry for ourselves and rightly so.

    Are you able to treat yourself to something? I don't know what sort of things you are able to do. Are you able to listen to an audio book or distract yourself in some other way?

    Have you made an appointment to see your GP to ask whether your meds can be upped or changed?

    Also, have you attended a Pain Management Clinic? If not, it may be a good idea to ask your GP to refer you to one, if you would be able to get there.

    I do hope that you will be able to get some sleep tonight and feel better in yourself tomorrow.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x

    Volunteer Administrator

  • Thank u xx

  • So soory to read your post and that you are feeling so alone. I moved at the end of last year after 38 years in the same house and I admit all the extra work, worry and adjusting to the new place and environment and not knowing people caused me to have a major flare which did last for a long time. I am slowly coming out of it and have been having better days so there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

    Don't feel alone as we are here for you to connect to. I can commiserate with lack of sleep as I have always been something of an insomniac but since this fibro the pain keeps we awake many a night and as we know that has a knock on effect of making us so wery the next day which ups our pain levels.

    I know it is so difficult getting extra help from Social Services because they have been cut funding. They have closed a large council care home in our town because of the funding cuts. Have you asked for a reassessment of your needs if you have got much worse?

    Keep in touch with us and let us know how you are doing.x

  • Oh I'm so sorry for you , you don't need to feel sorry about being sorry and it's so hard anyway with fibromyalgia and if you are on your own that's tough . It's ok people saying join this join that but most of the time it's just hard getting out of bed some days . I do want to thank you for yesterday , you were so sweet to me , if I can help support you on here well that's a privellage . Have you got a hobby that can be done at home , myself I craft when I can and that has saved me many a time . Xx

  • Hi my sweetie hope you feeling better today. It's very hard when ya on your own trying cope with things hun.its taken me 5 hour's just ring people off change off address madness. Xxx😩😩😩😩

  • Well I feel better in one way but then not in another ,still can't sit for long and I'm tired beyond thinking .I know it must be hard for you and having to do what you can't on your own IFYKWIM .watching Corrie and looking on my I pad at the mo ,what you doing now anything or just chillin .xπŸ˜‡

  • hello, i craft too, i make cards when i can, simple but gives me something to do. which crafts do you do?

  • Hi ,well I try most crafts I make cards ,scrapbook ,knit ,sew ,want to make a quilt love mdf ,All this of course is when I have the energy or and the mojo x

  • yeah all comes down to energy and mojo. i used to knit and cross stitch but my eyes n hands cant anymore but i still have cards :)

  • That's the best way of looking st it , focus on what we can do . What you been up to today anything nice and crafty . I have been playing with some new dies and stamps I got the other day . Xx

  • to be honest I've been laying in bed most of the day. slight car prang on Friday car in for repair, rental delivered but its all bending to get scoiter in and killed my back so spent rest of day in bed. car hit car behind me at speed, they banged into my car. as if i don't have enough problems lol

  • Are you ok ,if you had whiplash go and see an osteopath because it can stop problems down the road .Well I have got so tired lately because I don't sleep .I stayed in bed untill 11am because I just couldn't get up .Is that your cat in your Avitar ,love cats had two and one went missing when he was about 13 smudge was his name .My second cat they were litter brother and sister was bandit ,we thought she was a he but she wasn't .She adored me and would sit on top of my chest and rub my face ,it used to drive me nuts but I wish she was here now .xx

  • yes im OK i do have some whiplash, ty i was wondering if osteo or something else. yes that is pepsi he is 18 months, i have a female called smudge as well. they don't really get on that well so rarely get a PIC with them both lol smudge is 9 and i lost her brother 2 yrs ago after 6 months she was still depressed so got pepsi but he's very boisterous lol lucky the place is big enough they can be apart in here lol

  • Hi my sweetie still not in a good way hardly had any sleep for last week or so...hope you been okay today 😊😊,unfortunately I have to rely on benefits and I get that tomorrow but cos it ain't a lot off money time get bit of food and so bills it's gone. So not really much I can do. 😩😩😩😩 night hun 😘😘😘xx

  • Well I don't get much sleep either ever and this morning I didn't get up untill 11 am ish I kept looking at my phone every ten mins thinking I should get up .so I didn't really enjoy my self like I should have .Its can't be easy living on benefits are you claiming all you can do .Sleep well .xx

  • Me too Matrix cardmaking has been my saviour from going stir crazy. I love receiving a new stamp and experimenting, colouring with promarkers takes you into a meditative state, wonderful.

  • Hi there , I agree I call them pressies when postman comes and it's exciting . I'm waiting for a battery hand held distressing tool with different heads , which will help with my wrists pain . Have you tried MDF yet ? I love decorating and painting it .Hope your having a good day . Xx

  • Not sure what you mean by MDF but it sounds fun Matrix. x

  • Well it's wood but feels like ,if I can I will take a pic and post it to you .Im not sure how to on here but will try tomorrow .xx

  • thanks Matrix

  • I wish it was easy for us to get the assistance we need. I'm sorry your having to cope with so much alone, it truly upsets me social services can't do better for us. I'm in a motel. Without a kitchen and trying to get help with rapid rehousing/echo program. Its a struggling time but we can do this, hopefully our days will get better. You can friend me if you like.

  • I can't really add anything to the wonderful replies you have had already, other than to let you know that there are many, many people on here who will help and be your friends if you want? They have come to my rescue!

  • I cant add anything useful, please keep looking in on us here everyone is so kind and understanding xxxx

  • Thank you all for the lovely replys every one. Big gentle hugs xxx

  • So sorry to hear that you are alone even if we have a family/ children unfortunately they are not always there for us when we need them sadly I speak from experience. You probably are having a bad flare up and not having had much sleep is making you feel worse, I do hope you feel better now after the replies you've got and you know we are all here for you, there is always someone to chat to on here most of us know what you are going through with the pain, you will get through this you will find the strength from somewhere, take care of yourself

  • Hi love,aww so sorry to read this dont ever feel alone some lovely caring people on here me being one of them if you ever want a chat please messaged me where I live been here five years and just got a friend so know how you feel love and big soft hugsxx jill xx,

  • Hi

    I'm very sorry to hear how I'll and lonely you feel. Moving is hard for able bodied people and is listed in the top three reasons for suffering from stress. As far as I've been led to believe stress can make fibro worse, I know I was like you in agony.

    Please take time to rest and get yourself feeling a bit better.

    I am pleased that you've come on here for support and I can see that lots of kind people have supported you. People do care about you and how you feel. Sometimes the people we love can't cope with seeing us in so much pain, maybe your careers just are at a loss to know what to do to help you too?

    Have you moved far and do you have a dr?

    I think you should see your dr and ask for more help with the pain and your mood.

    Please don't forget the Samaritans are at the end of a phone and care too.

    I do hope that when you get settled that you start to feel a bit better. I do hope that a new home eventually helps. Good luck.

    Take care and best wishes.😊

  • Hi Bks72

    I have read your post with so much pain and sorrow for what you are going through, and I sincerely want to wish you all the best of luck. I have pasted for you below the telephone details for the Samaritans and I implore you to ring them when you feel really low as they will listen to you.

    The Samaritans UK

    Telephone: 116 123 (UK)

    I was wondering if you had a good GP? As it may help to talk to your doctor about exactly how you are feeling?

    Please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi, sorry you are feeling this way, it can't be easy for you doing this alone, and must hurt that your Family have let you down. Is there a local authority in your area, that can help assist you to get out, for maybe afternoon T or, some sort of T rooms where you can meet people, with the same or similar illness. Or mayb a hobby, that you can manage. I certainly feel for you, and hope you can get some sort of help, so you are not alone all the time. Take care.x

  • hi, do you have a tablet ? PC type not pill lol i belong to the library and borrow ebooks i have a bendy arm holder for my tablet which allows me to lay in bed and read the holder was 7.99 and library is free. you could also have movies again there's a free service, let me know if that interests you ☺ but i get how you feel. i have no friends or family, except esined who i just met, my son moved 60 mile away and doesn't really care. i don't have a carer and it is hard, its soul destroying being so isolated. but you have here and all these lovely ppl. stay strong xx

  • Aww I'm always looking for new friends so if you ever want to chat this applies to everyone just message me I had one lady saying she dint want to be friends cause I wasn't single in another group said I was too much hassle as I had a partner which hurt as I always make time for anyone hugs jill xxx

  • wow some ppl can be so rude and hurtful. thank you same goes for you, message anytime im on my tablet or phone all the time, i do sleep a fair bit, mins here n there but will always reply 😊take care and keep positive its all we can do xx

  • I will as I love to chat that's why they call me chatterbox lol xx

  • good, im a talker too lol my son says i never shut up lol

  • So sorry you are going through this difficult time in your life I am in the same situation and there is little comfort I can give my mother always told me you are on your own in this world so I was told to value my solitude and look at it as a blessing that some people never experienced you are stronger than you think and the strength can come when you least expect it you will get great support on this site

  • I am sorry you feel the way you do. I am not well as well and not had much sleep. I have seen my GP this morning but "lost" it on the phone later with the receptionist. I swore at her. It would not matter who it was I would have sworn. So that's that surgery done for and I can't easily get to another. I feel like hanging myself. I said on the phone "your policies have driven me to despair". They did give me a paper form for a blood test to see if I am fighting an infection, however, from past experience you can be fighting an infection and it will not show anything so they say there is nothing wrong. I have complaints as long as a hanging rope that works. Sick of it all. I too am alone a lot. Too sick to socialise. I would contact the Samaritans. I have their email. You can write to them you don't have to be su. I don't know what to do.

    I am not very hopeful so possibly not much help to you. I just have some idea of what it is like to feel utterly overwhelmed with negative emotions and not being well. Then there are practical things that need doing that I can't even find as lost from two days ago. How does important information disappear?

  • Hi astitchintime, I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi, I totally understand how you feel, I was like that for over 10 years and you feel like life is unbearable. I joined a Fibromyalgia Support Group which was a few miles from me a couple of years ago. It was so friendly and helpful being with others who understood as they were in same boat. Trying looking to see if you have one in your area by googling it. Ours meets once a month and I have made some good friends that I see outside of the group as well. Yesterday I went with one of these friends to her PIP Tribunal and she won. Some people will give you lifts if you ask if anyone is going your way. Maybe you could go by taxi the first time. I found it a lifeline.

    I truly hope that you find something to help you.


  • Bks72 , I'm sorry your feeling so low and feel you gave nobody that cares.We are 20,000 plus on this site and WE ALL CARE! ! Hope. you have a good evening and things get better for you my friend.Peck🐀

  • Please just remmber your not really alone as i am always thinking of people on there own and sending peace, calm and of course love x

  • I know how u feel. fms is so misunderstood and the affects so underestimated, lack of knowledge of the disease worldwide isn"t helping us. I am dihydracodeine user for 17 years and would have topped myself by now with the mindblowing pain if not for this brilliant drug which is so very nearly impossible to get prescribed. any stress has the instant effect of making the fibro flare. I take Prozac aswell which stops me from feeling weepy. there has to be someone u can reach out to. search the net for support groups etc. be lucky

  • I understand!!!!

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