so funny

my youngest son is so laid back that hes virtually horizontal, he woke up for work a few days ago looked at the clock , realised he was late rushed to dress got in his car, stopped wondered why it was still dark, then wondered where we all were, came back in the house,ran upstairs to see why we d all overslept,god love him I had to laugh when I told him it was 9.15 at night, silly sod had fallen asleep after tea and thought it was morning

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  • lol, how embarrassing. My cousin lives at my house and he's really laid back, my son says he's half man half mattress. :) :)

  • hahaha that's funny! shame he didn't check with you all first lol. evidently that catnap refreshed him very well :)

  • love yr son's comment Sue

  • Classic...only boys or people with Fibro fog would do that!!!! x

  • Bet he was chuffed he still had a full nights sleep ahead still, I would of been lol.

    kel xxx

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