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Pain away...but so is my brain!

Well after suffering for 4 days I phoned the dr yesterday, he arranged a prescription for Declophenac. Pain has gone today, but terrified of doing anything incase it hurts! So groggy though. It's been a while since I had these before, but hopefully once my body gets used to them the groggyness will go. Can see me going back to bed shortly... at least I managed to get washed and dressed today....'all dressed up and unable to go anywhere' hahaha.

Floppy hugs to everyone


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Lol all dressed up( only sometimes when we have the strenght & low pain levels) with no energy to go anywhere or do anything!! Im sure everyone on here can identify with that. Getting dressed is such a bloody bonus some days isnt it? Hope your grogginess receeds soon :-) have a pain free day x dixie x

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I know that feeling...when getting dressed is an incredible mission achieved! (I seem to live in my nightie!)


I used to do that, but got so embarassed if I had to answer door and not dressed at 1pm. I try to get dressed and then lay on top of bed covers, if any surprise visitors or anyone comes to door, I am dressed, at least!! Guilt again!! :-(


I know what you mean. It's murder justr getting out of bed. Wake up about 5 -6.a.m. couple of cream crackers and Dihydrocodeine tablet. About 8.a.m. husband will give me breakfast - another Di-hydro. Watch Jeremy Kyle "OK I know is rubbish", but its the best comedy on TV these days! and come round slowly whilst trying to get dressed. Make is downstairs about 30minues later. By then alomost half the day has gone and its time for Deal or No Deal. This is my daily routine now - sad isn't it. Sometimes make it to the garden and do a "little bit" literally. Bend down and there it goes, the nerve pain in my back. Back to the settee and another DHydro or diazepam. Dont we have exsciting lives.ha ha!

Ruth, be careful with those tablets you've been given. Diclenofec can give you a real bad time if you have any bowel problems or inflammation of stomach. Your doctor should have known this before he prescribed it. I;m usually given the cream to rub in as the tablets are not suitable for me.


Funny you should mention the stomach problems Abbeystead. I had stomach pains yesterday, I had meds in cupboard to help me take Ibuprofen, so I have taken them today and so-far-so-good.

Your mention of watching tv reminds me of my ATOS interview. I said I sat watching tv for over an hour in the morning until my meds 'kicked in'. I was made to feel like the biggest waster of time ever!!! These bloody folk won't be happy till we stop breathing!!

Take care Abbeystead x


Yes Ruth, that's what it will be (the diclenofec tablets). Ibrufen,Neurofen and Aspirin have the same affect especially if you have any inflamation. Now the ones I take have the opposite; affect, they make you constipated so when you go to the toilet it looks like rabbit droppings ha ha. Not funny though but when you're in the throws of excrutiating pain you will take anything wont you.

Doctors dont give a damn, just want to get you in and out of surgery as soon as possible.

Talking about you ATOS interview. Well luckily I am over 65 now and dont have to sit any more interviews, but have been there and done that in the past. It was no easier when I first became ill in l989 when ME/FM was regarded as a malingerers illness. I was seen by about 6 different doctors and 2 tribunals. Last doctor that came to my house could seen how bad I was as my legs are swollen as well with Lympheodema, I thought well this is it now I wont get anything then out of the bluw got a phone call from Blackpool saying I had been given the middle rate care and top rate mobility. Couldn't give me top rate care as I didn't need night care. I couldn't thank the woman enough on the phone, I'm sure she thought I'd flipped my lid as well.

I'd worked from 15 until I was 52 only stopping to have my 2 daughters and then back to work again as we couldn't afford to live on 1 wage. Is it worth it I ask myself.

My husband worked all his life but is now retired with a small pension as I did.

We have to pay full Community Charge, dentist, glasses and of course anything that needs doing to the house which we scrimped and saved to buy. We had to fight like mad to get this DLA. I'ts not right is it. Government should stop letting people into this country the way they are doing. I'm not racist in any way but it's just common sense. If there are more people in the country then they are going to cost us more.

My grand-daughter has a miscarriage and had to go to hospital.While waiting to be seen an Eastern European girl was brought in so had to be seen first because of the hourly cost the NHS was incurring to get an interpreter. My grand daughter was put the back of the queue. This is where our money is going. You dont have to be a brain box to work these simple things out. So my grand daughter had to wait even though her grand-dad had paid £1000 Tax on his Old Age Pension because he had a small pension from when he worked.

Oh, sorry Ruth I've been on a rant again. Thing is you never see anyone all day and once you start on here it's like a damn bursting its banks.

Take care and watch those painkillers and the affect they have on your tummy.



Diclofenac is one of the ones I'm on, along with co-Dydramol and Co-Codamol. (yes I know they are a wicked cocktail, but my doctor knows I won't abuse them, as I am a former nurse, who has nursed folk who have died from overdosing on these things.)

I was told with Diclofenac to always take them after food, to buffer the stomach from the effects of the tablets on the gastric mucosa.

Cheeers, Midori


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